KB1OIQ 2m, 80m Foxes Deployed in Westford

Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ writes in the Fox Hunting list on 5/25/18:

The KB1OIQ fox transmitters have been deployed!

They are located here:

Frances Hill Wildlife Sanctuary
Across from 122 Lowell Road
Westford, MA
(Near the Chelmsford/Westford boarder)

I will leave them out for today and tomorrow.  I plan to pick them up around 6 PM on Saturday [5/26] for redeployment.

I did not put out a log book.  A photo emailed to me will suffice.

2m Frequency = 146.565 MHz

80m Frequency == 3.5805 MHz (give or take)

Have fun and 73!


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  1. Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ writes on 5/26/18 at 3:17 PM:

    HI Everybody,

    The KB1OIQ 2m and 80m foxes have been retrieved from the Frances Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.

    The 2m fox was transmitting very weakly after 26 hours. The two 9V batteries (in parallel) were each down to 6.4V.

    The 80m fox transmitter was dead. Its two 9.6V rechargeable NiMH batteries were at 8.2V each. The arduino has a voltage sensor which shuts down the transmitter when the battery gets too low.

    I will investigate power solutions that allow the foxes to last 3-4 days.

    Here’s what I know right now:

    2m fox found by K1IG and KB1MGI.

    80 fox found by K1IG.


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