Request For Operators: Norwood Fourth of July Parade

Norwood ARCBarry Devine, K1BFD writes on the Norwood ARC mailing list:

Our next support event is the July 4th Parade (hot event) in Norwood. Lou, me, Keith, Jeff, and Chris  are already on board for this event. However, we could still use a few more hands.

This event is a joint effort with Commonwealth REACT and is critical to the town of Norwood. Basically, we are responsible for staging and dispatching the parade acts from the staging point in South Norwood. We also staff the reviewing stand at the Norwood Commons, and provide forward spotters to identify the acts before they arrive at the reviewing stand. This information is passed on to the PA and cable TV announcers.

The majority of our support is needed in South Norwood. However, we can still use another body or two for the reviewing stand. If you are available and have a couple of hours to help us out, let me know by e-mail ( or phone (781 591 2331).

Thank you for your support.

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