Fox Activated, Wilmington, June 27, 2018

Nick Mollo, KC1DKY writes on the Fox Hunters mailing list at 6:54 PM ET on June 27, 2018:

Attention Fox Hunters!

The KC1DKY FOX is out and about in Wilmington on town conservation land. Set your transceiver to 146.565 MHz, press your PTT, give a DTMF of 2, and if you are close enough, you’ll hear it beep back at you. Don’t forget to ID with your call sign when you attempt to activate it.

If you are new to fox hunting, there are several websites with good info, that include:

I use my Baofeng with no antenna when I’m close enough and I go off frequency.  You gotta know your equipment.

SPOILER ALERT!  The location for anyone stuck (backwards)

daor llim – setatse eilyk



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  1. Nick, KC1DKY writes on July 6:

    The Wilmington KC1DKY Fox was retrieved yesterday.

    The only two folks to find the fox (together) were KB1MGI and KC1CGS on 30-June. It took them 30minutes to find, and I even found them.

    KT1B was also hot on the trail of the fox for a few attempts but he was unable to find it. Better luck next time!

    I will let everyone know when I redeploy. With the upcoming break in temperature, hunting should be more enjoyable.

    73 for now,

    Nick, KC1DKY

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