Northeastern University Wireless Club Fall 2019 Electronics Projects

The Northeastern University Wireless Club has announced a number of exciting projects for Fall 2019. If you want to join any of the projects below, contact their lead on Slack, and find their meeting times on the Google calendar.

First Meeting Tuesday 4pm
Contact: Jack Leightcap
Airights+ is working to improve the LED controller in the Wireless Club space. This team will have a good mix of software and hardware, with a lot of python programming as well as board design.

LED Flag
First Meeting Thursday 6pm
Contact: James Packard
The LED Flag is a device Wireless Club currently uses to advertise at club fairs and similar events. This team is looking to improve the device by overhauling the software, redesigning the user interface, and enabling the device to be battery-powered. This group is looking for hardware and software support!  Support is available from the club if someone wants to learn about this but doesn’t feel confident to do it alone.

First Meeting Thursday 6pm
Contact: Thomas Kaunzinger
RFID is working on a device for Wireless Club that will allow for rapid attendance for club events using a Husky Card and RFID reader. Their goal is to create a device which allows for Husky Cards to be read, and the software to interface with and log this data. There will be board design, firmware design, and software design (probably including databases) for this project.

Crude Camera Sensor
First Meeting Tuesday 6pm
Contact: Henry Mayne
This group is looking to create a rudimentary camera sensor using photodiodes or a similar device. This project is still in the early stages of development with idea generation, so if you are interested bring your ideas! There will be significant hardware development and design required, as well as firmware/software to read the output from the sensor built.

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