POPs Local Area Ham Breakfast, Hanson, October 12, 2019

Jack Buckley, W1AKN, writes:

The Bridgewater University has changed management for the 2019 / 2020 Academic year.  Translation: POPs ARS has lost access to the café in the Tillinghast Hall building of the Bridgewater University campus.

We will now resume our monthly Local Area Ham Breakfast (2nd Saturday and last Saturday mornings of each month) POPs ARS [Local Area Ham Breakfast] at the Mo’s in Hanson near the Hanson Commuter Rail Station.

The POPs Local Area Ham Breakfast (LAHB) is this Sat. morning 9AM – 8:30 for the early birds.

LAHBs are held every 2nd and last Sat of the month.

Bring a rig (show and tell) and soak up some of that incredible food and knowledge found only at a POPs ARS LAHB.

Hope to see you there this Sat. morning 9AM, 8:30 for the early birds.

73 de
Jack W1AKN
POPs ARS President
Genesis ARS V P
N1EME Trustee
Locator: FN41

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