15-meter QRP FT8 Activity Night, Westford Vicinity

Greg Troxel, N1DAM, writes on the PART of Westford mailing list:

Without any claim to authority, I’m declaring QRP 15m FT8 activity night tonight (October 21, 2019), from 2000 to 2100 local.

I have worked a bunch of stations, including DX, but am puzzled at the relationship of sent to received signal strengths — I receive usually 20 dB worse reports than I send.  So I am guessing that if a few of us are on, with a closed band, and all with the same TX power, perhaps I can understand better.  And perhaps others can shake out their equipment.

To participate, just either answer people calling CQ, or call CQ yourself, somewhere in the 15m FT8 frequency.  It’s probably useful to upload to PSK reporter; someday someone might write code to analyze a group of people participating in an activity night like this.

If you participate, please send me (tonight)

  call, city/town, state, antenna type, tx power

(please try to use 5W if you can, but tell me what you actually used), and I’ll send a summary to the mailing list tomorrow.

I realize some of you can’t operate on 15m, and surely we can do this again on 10m, 6m, 80m, or someplace else on some other night, perhaps next Monday, or perhaps someone else can organize.

73 de N1DAM

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