Eastern MA Amateur Completes 630-meter Transatlantic QSO!

Les Peters, N1SV, writes on the YCCC list:

“After failed attempts both Wednesday [1/1/2020] and Thursday night [1/2/2020], I was finally able to work G0MRF in IO91 (5,269 km) last night [1/3/2020] on 474.2 kHz using JT9-2.  JT9 a popular digital mode on 630m t  sub-modes for different time durations (JT9-2 is 2 minute transmissions with a S/N threshold of -30 dB). 

“My TX antenna is a 160 meter inverted-L with a 200-350 uh bucket variometer and multi-tap impedance transformer.  The RX antenna is a K9AY loop.  My K3S makes about 0 dBm on 630m but with a K5DNL SS PA I have a TPO of about 75 w to make 5 w EIRP from the antenna.”

Ed. note:  Les’ amazing contact is not the first 630-meter transatlanatic contact. From ARRL Web, 12/28/17:

“Radio Amateurs Continue to Plumb the Spectral Depths”

David Bowman, G0MRF, reports that he and Dave Riley, AA1A, have completed what is believed to be the first transatlantic contact on 630 meters since the MF band was released to US radio amateurs this past fall. They used JT9 digital mode to complete the more than 5,160 kilometer (approximately 3,200 miles) contact during the early hours of December 23.

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