Packet Messaging on Eastern MA Hospital Net

John O’Neill, K1JRO, writes:

ANNOUNCEMENT: W1SSH is interested in including packet messaging as part of the monthly [Eastern MA Hospital] Net. For those participants capable of packet messaging on 2 meters this would entail sending and receiving a packet message to others so equipped. Due to its versatility, ease of use, and acceptance by many as the “standard” program of choice we would use Winlink (RMS) Express. If this is something you would be interested in also please let us know.

Also, we have Net Control openings for the first Saturday of the month for the remainder still available. April has already been claimed. There are only 8 left. If you would like to volunteer as Net Control please let us know. Claim your month now! Get them while they’re hot!

Stay safe, stay healthy, 
John O’ – K1JRO

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