K1BG: “Single Operator Field Day” at Nashoba Valley ARC, April 16, 2020

From April, 2020 Nashoba Valley ARC Signal:

The April [16th] NVARC meeting will be formatted as a Video Conference meeting using the “WebEx” computer/smartphone application, thanks to Jim, N8VIM’s employer’s (MedTronic) contribution to NVARC of their WebEx access, as a public service. Sign-in details will be forthcoming.

The Video Conference session will include a “Special Meeting,” as described in the club constitution, wherein elections will be held for several Club officer positions. Absentee ballots will be made available for those who do not wish to Video Conference. See the following two articles for more details.

Additionally, Bruce, K1BG will give a presentation on Single Operator Field Day. 

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