Phishing Email Scams Hitting Amateurs in the Region

A series of phishing email scams targeting amateurs have been showing up across the region. These schemes involve persuading the intended victim to purchase gift cards on behalf of a known acquaintance. 

Assistant Section Manager Phil Temples, K9HI, received one such message this afternoon purporting to be from a Western MA section staff member asking, “I was wondering if i can get a quick favor from you. Is there any grocery store around you?”

PART of Westford club president George Allison, K1IG, wrote to the PART membership:

“Emails are being sent from bogus ham email addresses to the PART website info address and to individual hams using callbook or addresses.  The emails look like they came from a ham since they have a call sign as the originating address.  The emails ask for info on local stores, probably to scam you into buying gift cards. I got one today and checked with the real ham (whose email address I had) and he verified that it wasn’t from him.”

If you receive one of these messages, be sure to send it to the junk mail folder.

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