N1DM: “Introduction to FT8 and FT4” at Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society Online, June 16, 2020

2nd Tuesdays Lectures Series (on the 3rd Tuesday of June 16th!)
Introduction to FT8 and FT4 by Dom Mallozzi, N1DM
“The talk is Introduction to FT4 and FT8. It covers some info on both modes and than shows numerous screen shot of the setup of a FT station and also shows example of actual QSO’s and explains what many of the buttons and pull downs in the software mean. It is intended to help newcomers to the mode to have a gentle introduction.
“As for me, I retired from Raytheon last year after 38 years as an electrical engineer specializing in measurement equipment. I have been a ham for 48 years starting my ham career as WN1RFT in RI. In addition to FT4 and FT8 over the years I have done various things such as RTTY, PSK31, Packet and OSCAR satellites. Currently I do some contesting and DXing on CW and am also very active on DMR. I still do quite a bit of homebrewing and also act as the Radio Engineer for the Natick Fire and Police Depts. I don’t collect many awards but proudly hold a 160M WAS that was done all at low power.”

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