KD1D Fox is on the Loose Again, September 25, 2020

Alan Hicks, KD1D, writes on the NEMass Fox Hunters List at 3:36 PM on September 25, 2020:

The Fox attempted to go out last week, but was seized by a fever* and went home.

Newly energized, the Fox is on the air as of 1445 EDT on Friday September 25, 2020.  I expect to bring him home again on Monday morning 9/28. 

– The Fox’s new den is on Westford Conservation Trust Land. (Check them out – they have great maps!)

– The initials of the site remind me of what broke Ralphie’s glasses in “A Christmas Story.”

– One of the parking areas bears the surname of  the lead guitarist for a band  whose first name is the same as a “luxury” model Cadillac  (1976-1996) and whose  last name is a computer famous for not being a PC.

– The same parking area also bears the name of a famous residence  in the UK and the trail is located between two  local residences, numbered 15 and 17.

– An alternate parking area is at 180° + the part of the candle that you light (and from which light emanates) + a symmetrical round 2 dimensional shape.

– You should be able to hear the signal from Rt. 225

Send me a private email to kd1d@arrl.net for additional hints.
Happy hunting and 73 de KD1D

*(The fever was caused by the point of the security eye screw puncturing the insulation on the power cord from the battery to the SqwalkBox module.  Considerable magic smoke was emitted from the power circuit, but the transmitter survived.  The screw now has a blunt end and the power cord has a 1/2 amp fuse.)

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