BCRA Fox in Test Mode

Skip Denault, KB1CNB, writes on the BCRA club list on October 26, 2020 at 3:20 PM:

The [Bristol County Repeater Association] has acquired a fox hunt transmitter and we are planning to have a fox (hidden transmitter) hunt in the near future. The fox is currently on the air and we would like to see if you can hear it. It is on 146.565 MHz and is transmitting a 15 second beacon tone and CW ID every ten minutes “on the 4’s” (2:04; 2:14; 2:24 etc) it is located at latitude 41.7152679 and longitude -71.1486613. If you hear it, send me an email at KB1CNB at arrl.net with the time and location (address or long./lat.). It will be running until 5:00 pm Tuesday, October 27.

Thanks for your help – Info on the hunt will be out soon!

Skip, KB1CNB

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