K1UVH Continues the “Great Hill” Tradition

Mike Antoine, K1UVH, and several friends have established a wonderful tradition of operating regularly atop “Great Hill’ in North Weymouth, Massachusetts.

It started some time ago after he began hosting a Field Day operation at the summit of the hill. Since then, his group has been gathering once a month to operate the high frequency bands, two meters, 220, and 440.  Mike calls it a “Day of Radio.”

“We bring tables, chairs, batteries, radios and antennas. We practice social distancing and masking, and I have sign-in sheet for tracking purposes,” says Mike.

The core group of operators consist of K1UVH, N1KMX, K1SEH, WB1EMS. All are retired firefighters, EMTs, or paramedics.

The group have had up to 17 amateurs swing by, including a group from a VE session in Braintree. Mike has also established a Facebook  group for “The Great Hill Gang.”

“My goal is to have fun and share and learn within this great hobby of ours.”  Mike can be contacted at mikeantenna <at> verizon.net.

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