WB2OSZ: “Dire Wolf Software” at Waltham ARA Meeting Online, February 24, 2021

Waltham ARA logoRon Senykoff, KG1T, President, Waltham Amateur Radio Association writes:

Please join the Waltham Amateur Radio Association  at 8 PM on February 24, 2021 in welcoming John Langner, WB2OSZ, for a presentation on Dire Wolf APRS Software.

John is one of the main developers of Dire Wolf.  In the early days of Amateur Packet Radio and APRS, it was necessary to use an expensive “Terminal Node Controller” (TNC) with specialized hardware. Those days are gone. You can now get better results, at lower cost, by connecting your radio to the “sound card” interface of a computer and using software in place of the traditional TNC.

Dire Wolf is a software “soundcard” AX.25 packet modem/TNC and APRS encoder/decoder. It can be used stand-alone to observe APRS traffic, as a tracker, digipeater, APRStt gateway, or Internet Gateway (IGate). 

Some links to look at before the meeting if interested in the tech:


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