Lantern Battery 70cm/2m FM activation, 2/21/21 approx. 7:30 PM

W1XP lantern battery setupMike Powell, W1KU, writes on the Algonquin ARC mailing list:

After this week’s Sunday net, I plan to operate 70 cm FM (maybe 2 m, too) from my lantern batteries.  I plan to be at my employer’s parking lot at a high point in Hudson (77 Reed Rd), so I’m hoping for decent simplex coverage to the local area.

This is an opportunity for club members with technician or above licenses to make LBC contacts (2 points for contacting a member). My goal is also to check my simplex range from this location, so even if you don’t have lantern batteries set up, a QSO would be great.

I will announce myself on the repeater during and after the net. 

Planned frequency is 446.0 MHz FM (alternate: 446.5 MHz FM).  If there are requests for 2 meters, I plan to operate at 146.52 MHz FM (alternate 147.42 MHz FM).

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