Request for Assistance: Two Meter Interference, Hudson MA

Bob Glorioso, W1IS, writes on NE Mass Fox Hunters list on Mar 11, 2021 at 6:06 AM:

W. Middlesex ARES uses 147.435 MHz with 110.9 Hz tone simplex for our net and emergency calling frequency.   When the local Fire Dept. moved to a new building and left the tower in the center of town for Fire and Police repeaters, we were stuck with a 2M antenna at 90 ft but no place for a rig.  We worked with Fire Chief Landry and shared the expense of putting a new antenna and remote base in the equipment shack at the base of the tower that has automatic power back-up.  Its input is on 70 cm..

Interference from a strong intermittent broadband signal started on 147.439 MHz late last year. It is dead full quieting into our remote base on 147.435 and wipes out direct calls on 147.435 around town. The base only comes on when someone with the right tone triggers it but, if the noise comes on, many of the handheld stations around town are wiped out.  I found it was strong near the Intel plant in Hudson by driving around when it was on.  Early in January it went off and, unfortunately, came back on yesterday right after our monthly net.  I heard it today coming back from getting our Covid shots at Gillett when we got to Hopkinton on 495.

Any assistance locating and silencing this noise will be appreciated.

Thanks & 73,
Bob W1IS
EC Stow

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