Barnstable ARC Compiling “Elmer” List

Barnstable ARC logoThe Barnstable Amateur Radio Club is compiling a list of volunteer “Elmers” to help new amateurs, according to BARC president Norm Cantin, WA1NLG.

“New hams have a number of needs and questions ranging from: what equipment to start with, selecting antenna(s), what bands to operate, operating best practices to a whole host of other topics,” writes Cantin.  “I know we were all new hams at one point and really benefited from our Elmers.  I’m sure each one of us can contribute in some way.”

WA1NLG says that BARC is also putting together a “New Ham Kit” of which the Elmer list will be a part. This effort is being led by board member Rob Leiden, K1UI.

The Barnstable ARC is currently one of four Special Service Clubs in the Eastern Massachusetts section.

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