MARISN Slow Speed CW Net de-activated effective immediately

MARISN, the Massachusetts Rhode Island Slow Speed CW Net is now de-activated until further notice.  Net Manager Rob Zarges K2MZ has relocated and now has a job which keeps him out many evenings making it impossible for him to continue as net manager.  This and lack of net control stations as well as low participation has led to this decision.  If in the future an interest is expressed we will consider activating this net again.  We thank Rob for his efforts in organizing this net for the purpose of practicing CW while at the same time learning CW traffic net procedures.  Meanwhile all are welcome to join us on MARI CW net nightly at 7 PM on 3565 Khz.  Training will be provided as needed.  Check in at the speed you can copy and net control will match your speed.

73, Marcia KW1U, STM EMA / WMA

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