Cape Ann ARA to Offer Remote Hams Operating Capabilities

CAARA logoFrom CAARA News, May 2022:

The [Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association] Equipment Committee is pleased to announce a trial offering of a remote operations station to our members using the Remote Hams software. Licensed amateur radio operators subscribe to the service, and both individuals and groups provide access at their discretion stations open for either public or private use.

We will be making available a station to club members who have been a member in good standing for the previous 12 months, for what we expect will be a 1-year trial period after which the CAARA Board of Directors will review to make this a permanent offering. It should be noted that the Remote Hams service is globally oriented so licensed amateurs who participate in the Remote Hams service by extension are also free to use any other station participating in the service whose owner is willing to authorize their use.

We are offering the service on an as-is where-is. There is no service level in place regarding uptime, reliability, suitability for use, security, time to repair if there is an equipment failure, or availability. You are responsible for providing your own computer and internet connectivity that meets the Remote Hams requirements to run the client software. No claim is made regarding the peaceful coexistence of the Remote Hams application with other applications on your computer.


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