Massachusetts RACES Nets – Monday 6/6/22 for HF, Region 2D VHF, NBEMS & Winlink – Times and Details Below

AB1PH-Don Rolph, Norfolk County ARES Emergency Coordinator writes:

For June, Monday June 6 is the first Monday of the month, and will be the date for the MEMA RACES nets.

The Races nets will be held on Mon June 6 at:
The HF net will start at 6:45 PM EDT: using the following frequency plan:
We will start at 3930 KHz moving up to 3955 KHz until there is a clear frequency,
Marc Stern WA1R will be net control.
Region 2D VHF net: please note sector 2D net will be on Sharon Repeater
7:30 PM EDT VHF net on 146.865 MHz PL 103.5 (Sharon Repeater)
We will have a general call up of any RACES, ARES, or other interested stations. If there is time, we will have a simplex test.
Don Rolph AB1PH will be net control.
7:00 PM EDT
Dial Frequency: 3584.5 MHx
Center Frequency: 1500 Hz
Initial mode: THOR22
We will have checkins,followed by an ICS-213 format message using FLMSG.
Don Rolph AB1PH will be net control.
Winlink Net:
To participate:
– create a checkin form using the Winlink standard checkin form
– send via winlink after 6 AM EDT Mon. June 6 and before 0000 EDT June 7 (any mode, but include mode in checkin form) to AB1PH
– Tues I will create the checkin report and send to all of you

We look forward to you checking in to any or all nets!

Don Rolph

Project Big E Weekly Planning Meetings Begin June 7, 2022

Larry Krainson, W1AST, writes:

I’m starting a weekly Zoom meeting every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm EDT to discuss all things for the Big E Booth. 

We will start with organization and planning the booth layout as well as the continuation of getting the word out to clubs and volunteers and more. 

Please urge your club presidents to join us too and everyone is invited. I hope to see you on. 

[For Zoom conference information, contact Larry at or join the list at]

IHOP Ham Radio Breakfast, Northborough, June 4, 2022

John Iwuc, KB1VXY, writes on the Framingham ARA mailing list:

Where: IHOP

Location: 4102 Shops Way, Northborough, MA 508-393-1222

When: Sat June 4th 2022. The Breakfast starts at 7:00 AM

Talk-in: Many going to the breakfast as well as those at the the breakfast may be listening on the following repeaters:

W1BIM – Paxton, 2 m repeater (146.970, PL 114.8)
W1MRA – Marlborough, 2 m Repeater (147.2700, PL 146.2)
AE1C – Southborough, 2 m DMR Repeater (145.27, Timeslot 2, TG # 3125 Mass State Wide, Color Code 7 )
AE1C – Southborough, 70 cm DMR Repeater (448.375, Timeslot 2, TG # 3125 Mass State Wide, Color Code 1 )
W1WNS – Westborough, 70 cm Repeater (448.775, DCS D244, P25 NAC 353)
WA1NVC – Framingham, 33 cm Repeater (927.01250, PL 131.8 )
WB1CTO – Framingham, 1.2 cm repeater (224.24, PL 103.5)

The weather looks great for Saturday!

Spread the word to all the ham’s you know.