K5TEC: “New England Sci-Tech STEM Program” at Billerica ARS Meeting Online, October 5, 2022

Billerica ARS logoThe next BARS Zoom meeting on Wednesday, October 5 will feature Bob Phinney, K5TEC, President of Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society (STARS). Join Bob Phinney, K5TEC, as he describes his STEM program at New England Sci-Tech in Natick.

Bob and his team just sponsored a highly successful ARISS Space Station contact at The BIG E multi-state fair in Springfield, MA on September 27. The event garnered much news and television coverage at the venue which attracts 1.5 million people during its 17-day run.

A dozen lucky students in Bob’s program got to ask questions of International Space Station pilot Bob Hines, KI5RQT, via a ground station in Belgium. Along with “Space Chat,” NESci-Tech is conducting a 12-month educational space science program that includes: 

  • Amateur Radio License Course
  • Model Rocketry workshops
  • Air-Powered Rocketry
  • Introduction to Basic Electronics
  • Introduction to Arduinos Electronics
  • Public Telescope Nights
  • Morse Code Introduction
  • Elementary Mathematics for Modeling Rocket Flight

Bob Phinney has a winning formula for engaging young people—and their parents—in an exciting program that has seen youths design payloads for high-altitude balloons and even NASA rockets! Come and hear how he does it.

BARS will announce the link to join the Zoom meeting before the meeting, but it will be posted to the BARS email list and should not be shared outside our Club. Are you on the email list? If not, please send an email to bars-subscribe@w1hh.org and then simply reply to the robot response from the server and you will be subscribed. Observing our Zoom meeting requires only a web browser and headphones/speakers. You do not need a webcam or microphone unless you want to speak or be seen. Before our meeting date, please go to https://zoom.us/test and see if it will function for you. If you have problems, we can try to assist – feel free to ask questions on the BARS email list. We are looking forward to “seeing” many of you on Wednesday 10/5 here at 1900 ET.

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