K1MJC Fox is Out, Belmont, May 26, 2023

Mike Cormier, K1MJC, writes on the NEMassFoxHunters list at 2:05 PM on May 26, 2023:

Yes, the K1MJC Fox is out ….

I put it out today, Friday afternoon, and it will be picked up in the afternoon Monday. 

The Fox is in somewhere in an area within the Rock Meadow  conservation area in Belmont. 

It’s a 15 milliwatt Fox transmitting on 146.565 MHz. 

Also, there is a logbook you can sign in with if you wish.

There are a few places to enter Rock Meadow on either Concord Avenue or Mill Street; the parking area for Rock Meadow is off of Mill Street.

One of The maps on this page would prove useful!

Trail Guides

Happy hunting!

Mike C , K1MJC, …… 73!

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