New Manager for Heavy Hitters Traffic Net (HHTN)

The Heavy Hitters Traffic Net will have a new manager effective August 1, 2023. Bob Sparkes KC1KVY has agreed to assume management of the net. Bob has been very active on HHTN as well as EM2MN and MARIPN, and has served as liaison to First Region Net and Eastern Area net. Bob has also been involved in training new traffic handlers while in his spare time generating confirmation radiograms to those he has worked in Parks on the Air. Bob is certainly well qualified and I know he will do a great job guiding HHTN. Thanks to Bob for taking on this responsibility.
We also thank Joe Weiss W1HAI for all he has done for HHTN in increasing activity to seven nights a week and expanding coverage to nearly statewide for the net. Joe assures us he will continue to be available to help with technical matters such as repeater and Echolink linking. Many thanks again to Joe for years of service to HHTN.
73, Marcia KW1U  STM

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