Nashoba Valley ARC Assists With Rotary Walk

NVARC Rotary WalkOn October 4, Nashoba Valley ARC provided communications for the Groton-Pepperell Rotary Charity Walk on the Rail Trail between Groton and Pepperell. Seven members provided end-to-end communications as well as four bicycle sweeps to monitor the walkers and sweep the last walkers. The support was organized by Stan KD1LE. The following members participated Larry KB1ESR, Ralph KD1SM, Earl WR1Y, John KB1HDO, Ken K1KEY, Dave N1MNX, and Stan KD1LE. It was a nice fall day and all walkers returned safely.

[KD1SM Photo: Earl, WR1Y at the Groton end of the course.]

—Nashoba Valley ARC Signal October 2004

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