A message from the Public Information Coordinator

Hi everyone, My name is Ron Wood W1PLW and I am the new PIC for the Ea. Ma. Section. I am replacing Jim N1IV, Who left some big shoes to fill. I thank Jim for all he has done for amateur radio in Ea. Ma.

Fist off, So I can update my records, I would like to know if your club has a PIO and who it is. I would also like to know if your club doesn’t have someone that handles Public Information for your club. If your club doesn’t currently have a PIO I encourage you to think about having someone in that position. And make public relations a permanent part of your club and activities.

The winter weather is almost over (I hope) and spring is right around the corner. Field day is not that far away. That is a great time to improve public awareness of amateur service to the community and to show and inform the public about Amateur Radio. If you need help putting a press release together I would be glad to help you with that.

If your club has an interesting speaker or is planning or has participated in a special event or activity let me know so we can get your club some PR. If you have an interesting topic and would be available to other clubs to make a presentation I would also like to know, so I can keep a list of speakers if a club should need one.

I look forward to working with the staff, clubs and hams in the area to promote Amateur Radio in Ea. Ma.

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