Save The K1USN Scouting Program

K1USN QSL cardHere’s an update on the future of the K1USN scouting program.

I said I would stay on as volunteer coordinator if I got 30 or more signups. I have received a grand total of 14 signups from 4 people.

So we’re almost halfway there towards saving the program.

However, I’m going to have to hear from some others if we are to save this program.

Right now I still need 1 additional volunteer for Saturday morning, March 5, and 3 additional volunteers for Saturday afternoon, March 5.

As indicated in my last message, I will only stay on as volunteer coordinator if I get a total of 30 commitments. They don’t necessarily have to be for specific dates. I have been accepting commitments from people to participate in a specific number of sessions without specifying in advance exactly which ones.

If you want to see this program continue, email your commitment to me this week.


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