Hurricane Katrina Health & Welfare Traffic

Hurricane KatrinaEastern MA Section Emergency Coordinator Rob Macedo, KD1CY writes:

Hurricane Katrina made three landfalls across the Northern US Gulf Coast and caused catastrophic damage as it affected Southeast Louisiana, Southern Mississippi and Southern Alabama. Katrina tore roofs off homes and caused wall damage, downed thousands of trees and power lines, totally destroyed some homes and caused 70-80% of the city of New Orleans to be under water as two levees were damaged. Communications infrastructure was also severely damaged. Katrina was a large hurricane that spread a path of hurricane force winds almost 150 miles inland and was a hurricane for 13 hours after landfall as it spread that damage of hurricane force winds inland.

There have been some inquiries concerning contact into the affected area by people who have loved ones in those locations. Jim Palmer, KB1KQW, ARES Emergency Coordinator on the North Shore, had one such request as did the President of the SEMARA club, Don Manley, N1PMB.

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