Billerica ARS One-day Tech Class “A Great Success”

BARS logoThe Billerica Amateur Radio Society one-day Tech Class was “a great success,” according to BARS’ Bruce Anderson, W1LUS.

“Thirty-three signed up for the class and 23 people actually showed up. Nineteen of the 22 people passed the Technician test.” Anderson explains that one of the original 33 actually passed the exam before the class. “After reading the ARRL book “Now You’re Talking” she decided to try the exam before the class. She is now KB1MSV.”

The class participants are now all BARS members and Anderson hopes to see them at future BARS meetings. He also encourages club members to greet the “new faces” and welcome them into the club and to Elmer them.

W1LUS credits his fellow instructors for the class: WO1N, N1HTS, AA1VS, and K1TWF, in addition to assistance from KB1CIC and KB1DMO. He also acknowledges the VEs who conducted the examination at the conclusion of the class: WO1N, K1LJN, K1TWF, AA1VS, N1HY and N1HTS.

“It took a lot of work to administer 35 exam elements,” says Anderson. “It was a very long day for the students and the instructors, but well worth it. Now I remember why we only do this once a year.”

—Billerica ARS Newsletter, December 2005

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