Kuss Middle School ARISS Project Featured In Providence Journal

ARISS logoParticipants in the Kuss Middle School’s Amateur Radio on International Space Station (ARISS) project received positive PR in a recent Providence (R.I.) Journal story entitled “Kuss Middle School students will talk directly to International Space Station astronauts.”

According to the story, school officials have announced that students at the Fall River middle school will have their second opportunity in four months to talk directly to astronauts aboard the International Space Station on January 19, 2006.

Kuss Middle School’s science curriculum director, Pamela Tickle is quoted in the story, saying, “Fall River is one of the few communities across the country to host such an event and it’s the only school in Massachusetts that has ever hosted a downlink.”

“Fall River Mayor Edward M. Lambert Jr. said the selection of Kuss shows ‘in this working-class community, there’s no reason why these kids can’t reach for the stars.'”

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