Taunton Area Communications Group Becomes A Reality

September 19, 2006 marks a new beginning in the amateur radio ranks in the Taunton area. A group of newly licensed and seasoned veterans of amateur radio have come together to form the “Taunton Area Communications Group.” The group’s goals are of public service, informing the public about amateur radio service, and bringing more people into the amateur ranks by providing classes so that one might become a licensed “ham radio operator.”

Carlos Wharton,WP4US, a well-known name in the Taunton community, led the charge to organize the club. Along with Don Burke, KB1LXH, Greg Glynn, KB1NLX, Neil Harrington, KB1LXL, David Souza, KB1NXP, George Pereira, KB1KZV and others, the club started as an idea and now is a reality.

Following all the steps, the Taunton Area Communications Group (TAC Group) will become affiliated with the ARRL, ARES and also, the local RACES group.

Club President Don Burke stated, “The time has come for Taunton to start an organization that will unite all the area Amateur Radio operators to a common cause.”

The TAC Group has scheduled its next meeting for Monday, October 16, 2006 at Morton Hospital cafeteria, 88 Washington Street, Taunton, MA at 5:30 p.m. Anyone interested may attend the meeting or contact the TAC Group at tacgp@comcast.net. Membership applications will be available. An amateur license is not required to be a member but will be a helpful tool to the success of the group.

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