W1AA To Activate Highland Light in Truro

W1AA/  Highland Light QSL cardK1VV and K1WCC plan to activate Highland Light (USA 110) under the call W1AA on September 23, 2006 from 7:00 AM EDT (1100 UTC) until about 2:00 PM EDT (1800 UTC).

Whitey, K1VV notes that he and Henry, K1WCC will begin operations on 75 meters, above 3980 kHz. Check 3996.

“Don, N1DT is off vacationing with his XYL, Nan. Henry, K1WCC #547 a well known LH and Special Event (W1P) activator will take Don’s place for this activation.”

On 40 phone, look for W1AA between the nets, most likely below 7270, down to 7225. Whitey says they’ll also use 20 phone later in the morning above 14310, or 17 meters above 18150. “We will return to 40 phone about 1530 to 1600 UTC, about noon local time.”

Morse code operation will be conducted roughly on the half hour, on 7035, 10116, 14035 and 18080 kHz, plus or minus QRM.

“We will be posting our spots on the DX Summit. but we would appreciate any and all W1AA spots by the members.” He adds, “DX QSLs are via the W1 Bureau and stateside are via W1AA please with an SASE. A photo of the lighthouse will be furnished.”

Located in the Highlands area of Cape Cod National Seashore atop a high cliff at the end of Highland Road, off US 6 in North Truro, the famous lighthouse was officially renamed Cape Cod Light in 1976. The Truro Historical Society has worked steadfastly to restore and protect the light. The light station was relocated 450 feet (137 m) west in 1996 to escape erosion of the bluff.

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