Boston ARC Distributing “Eyeball” QSO Cards At Meetings

Boston ARC logoThe Boston Amateur Radio Club is distributing generic “eyeball” QSL cards to its members, writes BARC Membership Services Chair Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ. The business-sized cards display the club’s web and email addresses, with room on the bottom in which to write one’s name and call sign.

“The back of the card is blank,” adds Ashley. “That’s another opportunity for you to personalize the card. For instance, if you are giving a card to a ham, please invite them to check into the BARC Net. You can write ‘Monday, 9:00 pm, 145.230 MHz, (-), PL=88.5’, etcetera on the back.”

N1NHZ is distributing the cards to members and visitors who attend business and general meetings, with a request: “that they email me at n1nhz at arrl dot net with their experiences and opinions of the cards.”

–Thanks, Boston ARC The SPARC, June 2007

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