Framingham ARA Donates To Courage Center Handiham System

Framingham ARA logoThe Board of Directors of the Framingham Amateur Radio Association has voted to donate $100 to the Courage Center Handiham System, according to FARA President Gordy Bello, K1GB.

Guest speaker and Handiham volunteer Phil Temples, K9HI presented at the Association’s September 6, 2007 general meeting. Temples’ talk included a showing of the Handiham promotional video “Making Contacts… Making Friends” produced by Pat Tice, WA0TDA and directed by Gary Gordon, K6KV.

“The board made its decision based on what we saw in [the] presentation and felt it was a worthwhile cause. We were moved by both the courage of the campers and the dedication on the part of the instructors who gave up their own operating time to serve others,” wrote K1GB.

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