MEMA Region 2 RACES/ACS Drill Night, May 7, 2018

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, MEMA Region 2 RACES/ACS <> wrote:

Hello to all,

I am writing to remind everyone that tomorrow Monday May 7th, 2018 is the first non-holiday Monday of the month and, as such, is our monthly RACES/ACS drill night.  I would like to thank all operators who assisted with the Boston Marathon operations in April and those who participated in the ARES standby for the day. As you probably already know, the event was a great success, both for the BAA and from an Amateur Radio perspective. Everyone performed impressively under very adverse conditions.   

While we are a separate entity from ARES, we often do have ARES operators check into our nets for training and awareness purposes. I would like to ask all Net Control Operators to continue to ask any ARES operators to identify themselves when checking in and annotate on the net log which stations did. I can pass this information along to their local EC’s and DEC’s to show them that their operators are indeed staying active and current which can be a challenge in the winter months. 

I will again attempt to activate an APRS station as WC1MAB-1 from Region #2 HQ tomorrow night and I invite operators who have APRS capabilities to send me a message during the communications test activities. Any operators who are able, please attempt to make contact to help test our capabilities with this tool.

I have continued to be contacted by individuals who are very interested in getting RACES “on-line” in their communities. This is a fantastic thing! I am working with the MEMA Region #2 staff to try to get these operators connected with willing EMDs to continue growing our net community. 

The Region #2 and State Net Schedule for this evening is as follows:

Net Frequency/Offset Time
Sector 2A 147.00 /+0.60  PL 19:30 Local
Sector 2B 145.39/-0.60   PL 67.0 20:00 Local
Sector 2C 146.955/-0.60  PL 88.5 20:00 Local
Sector 2D 146.865/-0.60  PL 103.2 19:30 Local
6-Meter State Net 53.31 / – 1.0  PL 71.9 19:00 Local
MA RACES HF Net 3930 KHz LSB moving up to 3955 KHz until there is a clear frequency      18:45 Local

For the Region 2 operators and Net Control team members, I would like to know who may be available to assist from the Region 2 bunker or who may be able to assist as a NCO from home. Any operators who would like to take a net, please respond and let me know if and how you might be participating. While we do try to keep a log at Region 2 Headquarters, it would be very helpful for Net Control Stations to please e-mail their net reports to me at in the days following the nets.

As always, if anyone has been interested in participating as Net Control Stations, the call for operators is an open one. This is a great skill to practice and can be a big help for our region in the event that the State EOC is operating in lieu of the Region Office, but communications still need to happen. If any local RACES operators who have participated in nets recently are interested in acting as NCO please let me know and we will see how we can get you into the fray. As always, if anyone is receiving this note and does not wish to receive further messages of this kind, please reply and let me know. Also, if you know someone who would benefit from being on this list, please have them contact me at and I will add them to this distribution. Thank you all!

If anyone has any questions or comments I can be reached by e-mail or cell phone. Thanks for being a part of our team and I look forward to hearing back on who can participate this month.


Michael Leger (N1YLQ)
MEMA Region 2
Emergency Communications Officer
C: 386-566-7666

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