Marlborough Labor Day Parade, September 3, 2018

AARC logoThe Algonquin Amateur Radio Association is looking for volunteers to assist in the Marlborough Labor Day parade on September 3. The parade is one of the club’s highest profile public service events. 

According to AARC’s Ed Fitzgerald, K1DIN, “The early recruiting for this year’s parade and the great response may give us the opportunity to try some operational upgrades. Each year that we’ve filled our roster, we have made some changes which seem to have worked well.”

Jim Babish, K1UUM, has agreed to assist Ed as his assistant team organizer “so that he might learn all the steps to getting the parade team ready.” Says K1DIN: “Of similar importance, we need to continually ‘deepen our bench’ so that in years when some of our volunteers have other commitments for parade day, we still can have complete coverage… We have a few experienced volunteers who have been able to fill in for folks who have last minute emergencies, for which I will be forever grateful.”

Those wishing to volunteer should contact K1DIN at:

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