REMINDER – The annual traffic handlers picnic will take place this Sunday, August 12 from noon to 4 at 44 Raymond Road, Concord MA.  All traffic handlers and others interested in learning more about traffic handling are invited.  Hamburgers, hot dogs and Italian sausages will be provided.  Bring your beverage of choice.  I have heard of some folks bringing chips and cake.  If you wish to bring something to share it would be most welcome and appreciated, but we do always seem to have a lot  left over.  I also have a limited number of chairs, so if you happen to have lawn chairs you can easily stuff into your car, by all means please do.  If anyone doesn’t have GPS and wants directions, email or call or text 508 314 6836.  Last weather report indicated a chance of a brief shower, but we’ve been lucky before and I’ve put in my request to the weatherman.  At least the temperature should be more agreeable than it has the past few weeks.  A head count by Saturday would be great so I know I have enough food, but if it’s spur of the moment, do come anyway.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Marcia KW1U

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