Gloucester 440 Repeater on Wolf Pack Network

Brian Gudzevich, WO1VES, writes on the Cape Ann ARA mailing list:

I am happy to announce that I have the long awaited link from the Gloucester 443.700 Fusion repeater to the Wolf Pack Network up and running.  This network currently features four repeaters that are either part time or full time linked.  This includes:
Stoneham 147.075
Gloucester 443.700
Farmington NH 147.240
Methuen 443.825
There is also a YSF Reflector available for use with hotspots.  You can connect your hotspot to “US WolfDen”.  Echolink works as well; you can connect to “WO1VES-R”.
Note, this link is still in testing.  Expect issues, and let me know if you encounter any problems.
I hope to be at the meeting on Saturday if anyone has any questions about the link.
Thanks, everyone.  Comments are always welcome.

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