N1CPE: “Today’s MARS” at Wellesley ARS, January 21, 2020

The Wellesley Amateur Radio Society will meet on January 21, 2020. Tom Kinahan, N1CPE, will present on “Today’s MARS.”
“MARS or ‘Military Auxiliary Radio System’ has changed dramatically since its creation in 1925. Army and Air Force MARS members support a very different mission than you may have heard of before 2010. Every day, MARS members are operating mixed mode voice/data nets using encrypted communications in support of a Department of Defense (DoD) mission to provide situational awareness to DoD planners, in the event of a ‘very bad day’ scenario.  Learn about MARS, and how all Amateurs can support this mission, without joining MARS, and learn how to join MARS, if you have the capability and interest.”

The meeting location for the January meeting at 7:30 PM will be the Wellesley Community Center Hoffman room, 219 Washington Street (at the corner of Route 16 West and Route 9 West). http://www.wellesleycommunitycenter.org/

See YOU there!

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