PART Winter Field Day Wrap-up

PART of Westford logoBrian McCaffrey, W1BP, writes on the PART of Westford mailing list:

Thank you to everyone that helped make our Winter Field Day a success. Alan’s sign-in log indicates 12 attendees.

On Friday, George and Alan helped get Bob’s 80m OCF antenna and tent up. On Saturday, Niece, Alan and George helped get the station running. Bob, W1FDR spent at least 4 hours at the mic getting phone QSOs over the two days. Andy and John worked CW in the evening. Alan and John did an awesome job serving as WSC attendants to fulfill our obligation to have a WSC member on-site at all times.

The log shows 158 QSOs. With 4,500 bonus points for outdoor, away from home, and generator power, our total claimed score is 7,508. Looking at the 2019 1O results, that would have been a top-10% result in the 1O category. We’ll see how we do when the actual scores are published for 2020.

We collected lessons learned at the event which we will share at the February membership meeting. If you have any comments or suggestions, please share them with me and I’ll brief them at the meeting.

We’re on to WFD 2021!



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