Help With Online Technician-to-General Class

Chris Hart, K1ZG, writes on the Billerica ARS mailing list:
A few weeks ago when this pandemic started, I got a crazy idea to put together an online Technician to General class for younger hams.  With the help of some fellow hams we were able to launch. The class is in full swing now! BUT I had a teacher back out (for understandable reasons) however we are still  short.

Would you consider helping?

Classes are 1.5 hours with a break at 45 minutes, starting at 2 PM ET. The outline and PowerPoints for each class are already done. One chapter can be done in two sessions.  Zoom is easy to learn. 
All the coordinating, organization, and background work is covered, and I will be online with you.  I just need folks with knowledge to share! Experience teaching a class like this is helpful.  [I’m asking for] a commitment of 3 hours. (One section done in two classes is ideal).  If you would be willing and able please reach out!

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