Eastern Massachusetts 2 Meter Traffic Net announces New Traffic Handler training program

The Eastern Massachusetts 2 Meter Traffic Net (EM2MN) an official net of the ARRL/National Traffic System (NTS) is actively seeking additional stations to become involved with traffic handling. For those of you not familiar with the EM2MN we meet on the 145.230 MHz pl 88.5 W1BOS Repeater every day at 2000 hrs local.  We pass formal written traffic into and out of the Eastern Massachusetts coverage area of the Repeater.

My name is Peter Doherty KC1HHO and I am the manager of this Net. Traffic Net is open to all licensed amateur radio stations and is a great opportunity to operate on a regular or daily basis.

A proactive approach to getting new licensees and established stations involved has recently been implemented.

The creation of training radiograms for new traffic relay stations that want to learn about the correct procedures and practices involved with traffic handling is now integrated into the normal passing of official traffic during every Net. This is something that has never really been done in the past and in its infancy has attracted a few new stations already.

The training radiograms are simply trivia questions that a new relay station would copy and eventually answer via radiogram to the station they received it from during the Net a day or 2 later. They are simple, fun and most are very short. Using this process you will be able to understand and use the important procedures, phrases and technics that are essential to proper handling of radiogram traffic. Reciting the written contents of a radiogram is a serious endeavor.  Radiograms are to be delivered to the recipients exactly as they are written and recited. The fine nuances of the proper way to copy and create and read radiograms over the air can often be intimidating and not something that at first appearance seems to be enjoyable. But if you learn to understand and appreciate the practices and methods involved you will realize that having this skill will make your amateur radio hobby experience more enjoyable and rewarding. Using trivia for these training radiograms the student traffic handler will be able to learn about and experience the actual methods without fear of making mistakes that could be detrimental. This training program is intended to attract operators that want to utilize their stations for public service and at the same time get an enjoyable experience from the hobby.

Traffic handling of course is not for everyone but the person who decides that is you. We are here for all amateur stations and are committed to teaching this important service of amateur radio to any operator that wants to get involved.  The first step you can take is tune in and listen for a few days, then check in and introduce yourself to the group.  If you want to get involved you’ll be advised as to what websites can give you reading material that further explains the program and soon after that you’ll be able to check in “requesting training”.  If you determine traffic handling isn’t for you, no matter, you are still welcome to check in and participate.

To become proficient and adequately knowledgeable about the NTS takes a few months of regular attendance and upon the recommendations of the Net manager the Section Traffic Manager will appoint you as an Official Relay Station.  The future could also hold Net Control Station duties.  Again, only you can decide.

With all the things you can do with ham radio; contesting, aprs, rtty, ft8, hf, cw, ragchewing, wires-x, dmr, I’m certain to have missed a lot of modes, NTS traffic handling has stiff competition for your allotted radio time.  With the new training program underway getting involved with NTS is easier and more understandable than ever before. Please join us. For more information contact Peter KC1HHO at KC1HHO@arrl.net.

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