Web Site Changes

Eastern MA ARRL logoSome minor structural changes were made this weekend to the ema.arrl.org web site.

The “Government” menu and category have been renamed to “Regulation & Advocacy” duplicating the ARRL Hq. web site references. Also, the “Field Day” menu item is now in alphabetical order. (It used to be last on the menu because it was the newest created item.)

Your webmaster has added a “font size” widget (three capital “A” letters of increasing font size) in the upper right corner.  (I like the flexibility of changing font size via the plug-in instead of messing with my computer settings.)

Finally, the “share to social media” plug-in was replaced with a better version.  The icons appear at the bottom of each story. It’s now easier than ever to share an story to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, LinkedIn, etc.

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