Police Amateur Radio Team To Assist In Westford Apple Blossom Parade

Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford logoTerry Stader, KA8SCP writes on PART-L:

Once again, the ham radio community has been asked to assist as a communications resource for the Westford Apple Blossom Parade on Saturday, May 17, 2008.

The parade starts around 10 AM and will start near the junction of Graniteville Rd and Main St. and ending at Abbot School. Duty will be from 8:30/9:00AM until 11:00AM/noon at the latest. You will need to bring a 2 meter walkie. We need about 10-12 operators for this event.

Most volunteers will be assigned to “shadow” various members of the Parade committee. We will also be manning the Special Operations Vehicle (which may actually be a parade participant) as well as the Net Control Station at the Police station. Our actual duty will not start till about 9:00AM but we need to get into the center of town (meet in the PD/Town Hall parking lot) before the roads are closed and we need to establish our assignments by 8:30 AM or so.

Please contact me if you are interested and can assist or need more information.

Terry Stader, KA8SCP

BAA Marathon Call for Volunteers

BAA logoThe Marathon Amateur Radio Communications (MARC) consortium is looking for ham radio operators to assist at the 2008 Boston Marathon. The Marathon is held annually on Patriots Day, this year that’s Monday, April 21. We need people to provide communications is support of three areas:

START LINE (Hopkinton)
Runner & observer safety & security, parking lots, VIP escorts

COURSE (Hopkinton to Boston)
First Aid & Water station coordination

First Aid, safety & security

If you are interested in any of these positions, please visit the MARC website to sign up:


Bob – K1IW
MARC Recruitment Coordinator 1 1 1

BAA Marathon Call For Volunteers

BAA logoThe Marathon Amateur Radio Communications (MARC) consortium is looking for ham radio operators to assist at the 2008 Boston Marathon. The Marathon is held annually on Patriots Day, this year that’s Monday, April 21. We need people to provide communications is support of three areas:

START LINE (Hopkinton)
Runner & observer safety & security, parking lots, VIP escorts

COURSE (Hopkinton to Boston)
First Aid & Water station coordination

First Aid, safety & security

If you are interested in any of these positions, please visit the MARC website to sign up:


Bob – K1IW
MARC Recruitment Coordinator

PART To Conduct Annual “Pumpkin Patrol”

The Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford will conduct its annual “Pumpkin Patrol” on Wednesday, October 31, 2007. Participants will patrol various neighborhoods of Westford during and after “treat or treat” time, and radio any unusual activity to the police. PART conducts this activity with the cooperation of the Westford Police Department.

“This is an activity that PART has been doing since its inception back in the late 1970’s,” writes PART President Art “Bo” Budinger, WA1QYM.

“It is mainly a mobile operation but indeed we can use people with handi-talkies and people to help out at the police station,” Bo adds. “We don’t have a coordinator for this event yet, but when we do I will let you all know and you can volunteer directly to that person.”

–Thanks, PART Particles, Vol. 12 Number 7

Ham Volunteers Sought For Chelmsford Fourth of July Parade

Alan Martin, W1AHM writes on PART-L:

The Northern Middlesex ARES group is organizing ham radio event support for Chelmsford’s annual 4th of July parade. The parade is on a Wednesday this year.

Ham radio volunteers are needed to work the parade by shadowing officials, helping to organize floats and marchers, or monitoring the route. If you are interested, please contact Darrel Mallory at k1ej at arrl dot net.

Volunteers Sought For Middleboro YMCA Walk-a-thon

Massasoit ARA logoThe Massasoit Amateur Radio Association is calling for ham radio volunteers to provide emergency communication support for the Camp Yomechas 5k Road Race on June 3, 2007. The volunteers will congregate at 8:00 a.m. at Camp Yomechas and receive communication assignments for one of the various intersections along the race course. Talk-in will be conductedd on the Bridgewater 147.180 MHz repeater.

–Thanks, Whitman ARC Spectrum, May 2007

Volunteers Sought For Apple Blossom Parade

PART of Westford logoThe Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford is seeking volunteers for the Apple Blossom Parade Communications Event on Saturday, May 12, 2007. According to PART’s Bo Budinger, WA1QYM, “A number of people have volunteered to assist, but we are still looking for additional help.”

The parade runs from 10 AM until 11 AM starting near the junction of Graniteville Road and Main Street and ending at Abbot School. Duty will be from 8:30/9:00AM until 11:00AM/noon at the latest. Adds Budinger, “You will need to bring a 2-meter walkie.”

If interested, please contact Terry Stader, KA8SCP at ka8scp at wb1gof dot org.

–Thanks, PART Particles, Volume 12, No. 3

Boston ARC Honored For MS Walk Volunteer Work

Boston ARC logoAt a meeting of staff and hundreds of volunteers of the Central New England Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Bob Salow, WA1IDA and the Boston Amateur Radio Club were honored with the MS Walk Volunteer Award for 2006.

Salow and BARC were cited for the notable communications support given to the MS events. An engraved glass medallion was presented to WA1IDA by the Chairman of the Board of the Central New England Chapter of the MS Society.

BARC is looking for volunteers to support two concurrent MS events on April 29, 2007: the Boston MS Walk which will start and finish at the Harvard athletic facility on North Harvard Street near Soldiers Field Rd in Brighton, and the MS Journey of Hope which runs at Elm Bank in Wellesley and finishes at the Harvard athletic facility. If you can lend a hand, contact Bob, WA1IDA at wa1ida@arrl.net or call 508.650.9440.

Red Cross Backs Off On Credit Checks For Volunteers

Red Cross logoCQ Magazine Public Service Editor Bob Josuweit, WA3PZO, reports that the American Red Cross has announced changes to its controversial policy requiring background checks of all volunteers, including, in many cases, hams working through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. Many hams were concerned about invasion of privacy, as the standard consent form granted permission not only for criminal background checks but also for credit checks and “mode of living” checks.

A spokeswoman for the Red Cross region serving Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, has confirmed the following changes in the background check policy:

* A new consent form will be developed that eliminates all references to credit checks and mode of living.

* People who signed the previous forms will not be subject to credit checks or mode of living checks. A new form will be developed for those positions requiring credit checks.

* Red Cross senior management will establish a policy to define which positions will require credit checks and how those checks will be evaluated.

WA3PZO will have additional details in his April “Public Service” column.

–Thanks, Stillwater ARA Radioham.org

K1USN To Operate In JOTA Oct. 21

Watson Library, photo courtesy K1USN RC web siteMembers of the K1USN Radio Club plan to operate W1BSA during the upcoming Jamboree On The Air on Oct. 21, according to Harold “Pi” Pugh, K1RV.

“This should be a good opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities as well as introducing people to the Thomas Watson Library and Research Center,” writes Pi. “We have made a lot of progress getting K1USN back on the air and want everyone to see how it looks.”

[See also: USS Salem RC Has A New Home At Watson Library]

ARRL, Citizen Corp To Set Up NOAA Radios In Schools

ARRL flagNOAA logoARRL and Citizen Corp are teaming up to assist local school districts (if they need the help) to set up and register their NOAA Weather All Hazard Public Alert Radio.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Department of Education, and the Department of Homeland Security are partnering to launch a significant nation-wide project to distribute 80,000 NOAA Public Alert Radios to U.S. public schools throughout the nation. The radios are designed to signal different types of alerts ranging from weather emergencies to child abductions, and from chemical accidents to acts of terrorism. The radio acts as a sentry, standing guard 24/7, to sound an alarm when danger threatens.

If you, as an Amateur Radio operator, or an Amateur Radio club member, or ARRL Field Organization appointee would like to assist Citizen Corps in this project, please contact your local Citizen Corps Council to offer assistance. Where there isn’t a Council, please contact local Emergency Management.

Contacts should not be made directly to local schools but, instead, should be made by Citizen Corps and Emergency Management to local school district superintendent’s offices to ensure a coordinated plan. Assistance to schools will be provided at the request of, and in coordination with, the school district.

Citizen Corps

* To locate your State Citizen Corps Council log onto http://www.citizencorps.gov/citizenCorps/statepoc.do

* To locate your local Citizen Corps Council log onto: http://www.citizencorps.gov/councils/find_council.shtm or http://www.citizencorps.gov/citizenCorps/mycouncils.do

Emergency Management

* To locate state offices and agencies for emergency management, you can log onto: http://www.fema.gov/about/contact/statedr.shtm
* To get contact information for local emergency management offices, you can email or call IAEM, The International Association of Emergency Managers, at info@iaem or 703-538-1795×2 to ask for your local contact or you can click on the link for the state web sites at http://www.fema.gov/about/contact/statedr.shtm

The NOAA Web site (http://public-alert-radio.nws.noaa.gov/) (http://www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr/) is the primary location for information and updates for Citizen Corps and associated volunteers for this project.

The following links contain background information about the program including a document on frequently asked questions and answers about the program, Citizen Corps volunteer material for the NOAA Public Alert Radio Program, a copy of the letter that went to the schools along with a descriptive and informational brochure about the radio distribution program.

If you or your club or ARES group take part in this project with Citizen Corps or your local Emergency Management office, please report this activity to Steve Ewald, WV1X, (sewald@arrl.org) at ARRL Headquarters and to your ARRL Section Manager. Thank you very much.

NOAA Frequently Asked Questions


Citizen Corps Volunteer Information


Public Alert Letter for Schools


Public Alert Radio Brochure


Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC To Assist With Rome Blvd. Road Race

Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC logoMembers of the Sturdy Memorial Hospital Amateur Radio Club will assist with communications for the Rome Boulevard Road Race on Sunday, October 1, 2006. The event consists of a five-mile run, a two-mile run and a two-mile walk. The start/finish line is at Attleboro High School.

For further information, email Joe Agius, W1TW at jpagius@yahoo.com or see the race flyer.

PART of Westford To Provide Comms For “Blues N’ Brews” 8/26/06

PART of Westford logoThe Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford is recruiting hams to participate in the Blues N’ Brews Festival on Saturday, August 26, 2006 from 10:15 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

“They are only looking for a couple more people,” writes PART’s Terry Stader, KA8SCP. “You will need to fill out an application at: http://www.bluesnbrews.com/pdf/bnb_volunteer_app.pdf
and fax it to Bill Barnett at 978-692-1191 no later than Thursday night.”

Stader adds that the communications will be on FRS frequencies “but the PART folks are being asked to provide comms to WPD if necessary since cell phone coverage there is very spotty.” According to KA8SCP there is a fire department detail working the event as well.

Interested persons can contact KA8SCP with any questions.

Lowell Folk Festival Volunteers Sought

Lowell Folk Festival logoTerry Stader, KA8SCP writes on PART-L:

We are still looking for volunteers for the Lowell Folk Festival which runs from Friday, July 28th through Sunday, July 30th. A couple of people have signed up but we are looking for people for Saturday evening and Sunday.

The Emergency Management “bus” will be used as a “station” for information, basic first aid and a general all around resource center.

We would like to have at least 2 volunteers for each shift, the shifts tentatively look like:

Friday – 6:00 to 10:00 PM

Saturday – 12:00 (noon) to 5:00 PM
5:00 to 10:00 PM

Sunday – 12:00 (noon) to 4:00 PM
4:00 to 7:00 PM (event closes at 7 PM)

If you are available and would like to participate, please call Mark’s office at 978-459-5552 and leave a message with your name, your telephone number and what day and time you’d like to assist. You can also send an email message to Mark at mboldrig@ci.lowell.ma.us.

The Lowell Folk Festival web page can be found at http://www.lowellfolkfestival.org/.

Thank you.

Amateur Radio Volunteers On Flood Duty In New England

When All Else Fails logoThe ARRL Headquarters web site today carried a news item describing the efforts of New England and Eastern MA amateurs in the wake of disasterous flooding that has struck our area.

In the article, Eastern MA Section Emergency Coordinator Rob Macedo, KD1CY estimates that “more than 100 radio amateurs have been involved in the operation and spotting work across the region.” He also describes the volunteer activity in staffing the NWS office in Taunton and in the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency State EOC and Region I Headquarters.

[Full story]

Walk For Hunger Volunteers Sought–May 7, 2006

Walk For Hunger 2006Bruce Pigott, KC1US writes:

Project Bread will again be looking forward to hams supporting the Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 7. Forty thousand walkers will be raising funds for emergency feeding programs located across the Commonwealth. This will be the twenty fifth time Amateur Radio will be part of the Walk organization.

The assignments are about six hours long at various places along the twenty mile Walk route from Boston out to Newton. Some positions start at 6AM with others starting throughout the morning. We need coordinator shadows at checkpoints, bus stops, with walker marshals, and in transport vans. All skill levels of hams are desired. A two meter or dual band radio with extra battery and an extended (15 inch) antenna are needed. An informational meeting and two on air sessions will be held to answer questions and fill in last minute details. You can sign up at the Crocker Public Service Group web page http://cpsg.amateur-radio.net/ or send a message to wfh06@amateur-radio.net.

High praise was received last year from the coordinators and the Project Bead staff for the quantity and quality of support by hams. Three million dollars were raised even with the rain showers. More information about the Walk and the services Project Bread provides can found at http://www.projectbread.org/. The event is an enjoyable day with both the walkers and volunteers having a good time at this worthwhile cause.

Thank you and 73 – Bruce KC1US

Volunteers sought for American Diabetes Association Events

The American Diabetes Association is looking for Amateur Radio help with two cycling events this spring.

Sunday, April 30, 2006 – Cape Cod Tour de Cure
Start/Finish: Barnstable County Fairgrounds, E. Falmouth
Looking for volunteers with own equipment for rest stops (5), sag vehicles and start/finish support.

Sunday, June 25, 2006 – Marshfield Tour de Cure
Start/Finish: Marshfield Fairgrounds, Marshfield
Looking for volunteers with own equipment for rest stops (4), sag vehicles and start/finish support.

All volunteers will receive a tee-shirt and lunch.

For more info or to volunteer, call Faith at 888-DIABETES (888-342-2383) x 3456 or email her at flinsky@diabetes.org.

Volunteers Sought For Boston Beanpot Cycling Classic

Boston BeanpotJohn Ruggiero, N2YHK writes:

I have been approached about possibly providing ham radio communications assistance to the Boston Beanpot Cycling Classic in Grafton on Saturday, April 8th from 7am-4pm.

They are looking at the prospect of deploying hams to help them out. They have 24 marshal locations, 8 police locations, a feed zone, a medical zone and the start/finish. There is the potential to deploy at least 35 hams if we can get that many.

If you can volunteer, please contact me with:

* Times available
* Communications equipment (VHF and/or UHF, mobile and/or portable, cross-band ability – All equipment must have enough power to last 10 hours or the duration that you are available + 1 hour)

Please pass this around. Thanks!

John, N2YHK



BILOXI, Miss. – Students who want to volunteer in the Mississippi Hurricane Katrina recovery effort during their 2006 spring break need to come with a plan and a volunteer agency or faith based group affiliation before making the trip.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) encourage volunteer participation in the disaster recovery but advise students to plan ahead so they can provide the most help in their brief time away from classes.

“We appreciate those who have volunteered to assist in the recovery efforts throughout our state and we welcome other volunteers,” said Robert Latham, director of MEMA. “We encourage them to affiliate with a group who will match an individual’s skills with productive projects, to make the most of their time here.”

Currently, there are more than 100 voluntary organizations serving in Mississippi.

Students may find and register with these voluntary organizations through the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service at www.mcvs.org. They can also locate them at www.idealist.org, and www.usafreedomcorps.gov, which provides a special page of volunteer opportunities in the hurricane-affected areas.

“Students need to come here with a real mission, a real focus,” said David Turner, voluntary agency liaison for FEMA. “If they don’t have that they’ll waste their time and the resources available to the victims such as housing and even food.”

Students also need to know about the post-hurricane conditions in Mississippi.

Some areas are still dangerous so students need to be extremely careful.

Accommodations are in short supply along the Mississippi coast, so many voluntary and faith-based organizations are providing limited but adequate sleeping facilities as well as meals.

Organizations match needs with volunteer skill sets; volunteers with construction or equipment skills are in high demand.

FEMA manages federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. FEMA also initiates mitigation activities, works with state and local emergency managers, and manages the National Flood Insurance Program. FEMA became part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003.