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Bill Ricker, N1VUX, writes:

I have created a non-place Site for FD@Home cumulative scoring in the FD Directory  (geographic coordinates in Boston Harbor but not on an island; county=mixed, same as “Nowhere”; it will get the Harbor forecast, oops).

It currently shows these clubs:
Middlesex/Zola and MITLL are listed because they’re tied to the club they went with last year; i maybe should break those links. :-/
WARS and K1USN seemed to be discussing, but i don’t feel we had them confirmed.
Sites I’m still carrying as MAYBE operational in the field
ClubKey   SiteKey
NARC      1B9    
AARC      8MA4    
Crow      8MA4    
WARS      NeedWMPk
PilAWA    SwanFD  
  • Only AARC/Crow have been heard from discussing lately.
  • CAARA website says FD is still on, but No COVID-19 precautions noted, so suspected stale.
    (FB has no posts since October!) Lists
  • NSRA says NO FD. Do they have FD@Home plans?
  • K1USN having Zoom meeting 6/23 to discuss FD. presume FD@home. Site closed per website.
  • Sturdy FD@Home confirmed from minutes; 
    minutes also reports Will N1DPY/SK (Cancer) May 2d or 3d
    Nice new website!
  • Whitman – FD not on Calendar. Common scoring in minutes, so confirmed.
  • WARS – Wellesley had an eMeeting to discuss FD last week. Decision?
  • Pilgrim AWA – i presume they don’t have their site, but are they doing FD@Home or ??
  • NARC could use their locked airport bunker, i suppose, so IDK, maybe, don’t care.
Sites carried as CONFIRMED and not FD@Home
ClubKey       SiteKey        Locator  Highlight          
NEARC         4thCliff       true     non-public 2020    
BEMA          BEMALake       true     kc1kwc            
NVARC         PepperellOrch  true     reduced            
ng0at         ema            true     CT club on cape    
SEMARA        wa1bxy         false    3D/3E              
QRA           wa1qzk         true     2020 3E            
MiddletonEMA  wa1qzk         false    2020 3E            
n1wm          wma            true     NoBARC Windsor MA  
w1ddd         wma            true     BlackstoneVARC@NA1Q
Total: 9   
  • NEARC @ Fourth Cliff – campground is CLOSED but caretaker in residence so they’re rolling.
  • Braintree EMA put a pin on the map recently, so they’re on at their alternate control point on the lake.
  • NG0AT, N1WM, W1DDD are non-mapping entries, to reconcile HQ Locator count.
  • Ron’s QRA/M’ton EMA 3E home op we got emails on, and is on HQ Locator.
  • NVARC has pin on HQ Locator. They spoke about having a small setup in Orchard plus FD@Home ? Are both still on?
  • MARC/Zola – their mailing list discusses the audio recordings of their eMeeting but not minutes. And one or more silent keys.


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