“Ham Radio Contesting” at Northeastern Wireless Club, February 11, 2021

photo of W1KBN shack, Northeastern Univ. Wireless ClubFrom NUWC mailing list:

Hello fellow radio enthusiast! This week we be learning about the foundation of our club, Ham Radio.

In particular we are learning about contesting! Contesting is a great way to use ham radio whether you are just learning or you are an expert. It usually takes place during a extended time interval where ham radio enthusiast – a team or individual – compete to make contact with as many as they can. This can be a great activity get out and socialize with new people especially in this age of isolation, and contest are a great opportunity to pick up the basic of using your license!

The meeting is this Thursday, February 11th, 6-7 PM. The meeting will be on Zoom, hope to see you all there! 

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