2020 K1USN Veterans Day Special Event Wrap-Up

From K1USN Happenings, November 19, 2020: I want to extend my thanks to everyone who helped us make this a success. Obviously we would not be able to conduct our usual in-person activation at K1USN on November 11th due to the pandemic. We had some discussions back and forth and decided that a 31 hour operating event might just work providing we could get commitments from enough operators to get on the HF bands and give us coverage on SSB, CW and FT8/4. As things evolved we even had our first contacts on the 630 meter band using WSPR thanks …

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Bob Beaudet, W1YRC, Awarded Knight Distinguished Service Award

From ARRL web: The Board named veteran ARRL Rhode Island Section Manager Robert G. “Bob” Beaudet, W1YRC, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, as the recipient of the Knight Distinguished Service Award, given to an ARRL Section Manager. Beaudet has been Rhode Island SM since 2002. The Board cited Beaudet’s active promotion of ARRL activities in his Section, including visiting hundreds of Field Day operations; participating in many Volunteer Examiner test sessions; attending at countless club meetings; staying active as a contester, DXer, and mentor, and serving as a model to other Section Managers. The Board said “Beaudet’s leadership of the ARRL …

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COVID Impact to ARRL Awards Program

The following correspondence was posted on the ARRL-Awards mailing list on May 8, 2020 in response to a query about a pending award: Congratulations on your achievements. Our return to HQ is dictated first by the Governor of CT, and then by consideration for safety of staff and how best to manage that.  Returning to HQ (even with minimal staff to ensure social distancing safety) is definitely still a few weeks out, and getting caught up on even the pre-shutdown backlog may take some weeks after that.  Following that are the shutdown receipts, which at this point are an unknown …

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Norwood ARC Honors N1UEC With W1JLI Memorial Award

Lou Harris, N1UEC, was awarded the first Louis H. Schall, W1JLI, Memorial Award at the Norwood Amateur Radio Club Dinner on February 27, 2020. The Walpole resident was “recognized for his tireless efforts on behalf of the Norwood Amateur Radio Club exemplifying the best spirit of Amateur Radio.”  Schall became a Silent Key in 2006. A longtime member of the Norwood Amateur Radio Club, W1JLI was also a founding member of the 19/79 Amateur Radio Association (K1VTE) in Malden, and a pioneer in New England Amateur Television. Kudos to Lou Harris, N1UEC! (via Facebook)  

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Norfolk County RA Presents ARRL Elmer Award to K1HRV

Norfolk County Radio Association President Dick Bean, K1HC, writes: The Norfolk County Radio Association presented Dave Doe, K1HRV, with the ARRL Elmer Award at its September 11 meeting to thank him for his mentoring of so many fellow hams over 51 years of club membership (since January 10, 1968).  Dave has held many leadership positions in the club, and he is currently club secretary and historian.

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KA8SCP Receives Kiwanis Person of the Year Award

Retired Veterans Service Officer Terry Stader (KA8SCP) has been named the Kiwanis Person of the Year, an annual award bestowed on members of the community who have made significant contributions. Stader has always had a strong commitment to giving back, whether serving his country or serving his community. Early in his career Stader was Senior Chief Petty Officer for the Navy. During his time in the Navy he was decorated with many awards including the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with gold star. He was also named Sailor of the Year …

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Joe Reisert, W1JR, Wins Third Place in the 2018 QST Antenna Design Competition

Congratulations to Joe Reisert, W1JR, on winning third place for his design of “The3/8-Wavelength Vertical for 20 Meters, a Hidden Gem”. Steve Ford WB8IMY described the “requirements for the 2018 QST Antenna Design Competition included an antenna for one or more bands between 2200 meters and 10 meters that could fit within a 30×50-foot area and be no taller than 30 feet above ground at any point.”  A former resident of Chelmsford, Joe lives in Amherst, NH. He is a regular presenter at Boxboro. The full story is found at <http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter?issue=2018-12-06#toc02>

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KD1CY Receives Blue Hills Observatory Outstanding Service Award

The Blue Hill Observatory awarded Rob Macedo, KD1CY, with their Outstanding Service Award on November 9, 2018. The award was presented at a Blue Hills Observatory fundraising event by meteorologist and Weather Channel personality Jim Cantore and former Weather Channel meteorologist Mish Michaels. The honor was especially meaningful for Macedo as it coincided with his birthday. “It’s both rewarding and humbling to receive [the award] in the presence of some of the most respected people in the meteorology profession,” remarked KD1CY. “It wouldn’t be possible without the support of hundreds to thousands of SKYWARN spotters and Amateur Radio operators who support the …

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“Chip” Cohen, W1YW, To Receive RCA’s Lee de Forest Award

Belmont inventor and entrepreneur Nathan “Chip” Cohen, W1YW, of fractal antenna and cloaking technology fame, will receive the Radio Club of America’s Lee de Forest Award for “significant contributions to the advancement of radio communications.” The award’s namesake, de Forest, is credited with inventing the Audion vacuum tube as an amplifier in radio circuits. De Forest also popularized the word “radio” in the US, in favor of the European term “wireless.”  [Details]

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W1YW to Receive 2018 Hamvention Technical Achievement Award

Chip Cohen, W1YW, of Belmont, Massachusetts, has been named to receive the Hamvention 2018 Technical Achievement Award. Licensed for 52 years and bitten by the antenna bug, Cohen became a radio astronomer and astrophysicist, working at Arecibo, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), the Very Large Array (VLA), and others. While a professor at Boston University, Cohen connected fractal geometry with antennas, pioneering a paradigm shift in the design of fractal antennas and what they make possible. An inventor with 41 US patents, Cohen is known for inventing the invisibility cloak using fractal antenna techniques. Starting 30 years ago with simple flea …

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Ed Weiss, W1NXC Honored as Herb S. Brier Award Recipient

Ed Weiss, W1NXC, Herb S. Brier Award recipientEd Weiss, W1NXC received the prestigious Herb S. Brier Instructor of the Year Award this past Thursday night at the Framingham ARA’s “Night Out” Dinner at the Pacific Buffet in Framingham. Presenting the award and gift certificate were ARRL New England Division Director Tom Frenaye, K1KI and Eastern Massachusetts Section Manager Phil Temples, K9HI. Many of the club members in attendance stood up and gave testimony to Ed’s ceaseless and unwavering commitment to volunteer teaching of Amateur Radio material spanning many years.

Photo courtesy http://www.fara.org. More photos under Photo Gallery.

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N1IQI Awarded Brass Pounders League Award

N1IQI BPL award presentationBPL awardW1GMF wrote:

The presentation of a BPL bronze medallion from the ARRL was made to Loren Pimental, N1IQI at the July 15, 2003 meeting of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association for points assessed from traffic handling over a period of 6 months.

Presenting the award to Loren (center) were Phil Temples, K9HI, ARRL Section Manager (left) and Jim Ward, N1LKJ, Section Traffic Manager (right).

Congratulations, Loren, on this recognition of your participation in this important aspect of amateur radio.

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