Plainville EOC FIeld Day Planned

Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC logoThe Town of Plainville, MA will be operating from their Emergency Operations Center during Field Day 2003.

According to SMHARC PR Manager, Jim Duarte – N1IV, the Field Day station will sign WC1PLV under the leadership of Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC’s Bruce Bumpus, N1OFC, Plainville EMA Director. Bruce will be assisted by Rick Myers, KB1FLR and a few members of the Sturdy club.

The WC1PLV operation will be on the air from 2:00 pm Saturday until around 7:30 pm, then again on Sunday from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Duarte noted that SMHARC will also conduct its traditional Field Day effort as W1SMH in North Attleboro, MA.

Algonquin ARC to Operate Field Day as Category F

The Algonquin ARC station, N1EM will be on the air during Field Day from the Marlborough Emergency Operations Center at the Central First Station at 215 Maple Street (Route 85), according to KD1QS and KV1J.

“This will be a joint Algonquin Amateur Radio Club and Marlborough EMA activity highlighting the cooperative relationship between the two groups,” said Eric Williams, KV1J. He added, “Our goal is to increase awareness and to give area hams and hams-to-be a chance to get on the air.

The club will operate Field Day as a one-day event. Setup begins at 10:00 am Saturday; the station will operate from 2:00 pm until about 6:00 pm in the classroom at the Fire Station where the EOC is located.

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Framingham ARA to Operate Field Day in Class “F” Category

Field Day 2003Framingham ARA president Bob Hess, W1RH, has announced that FARA will operate this year’s Field Day at the State Emergency Management Agency Headquarters (a.k.a. “The Bunker”).

“We will operate in the new ‘F’ Class which requires operation from an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and mutual cooperation from the EOC and the radio club.” Hess added, “This is a match made in heaven.” Already, FARA members have surveyed the site. They report that it “looks very good.” Club members W1DCA and N1CPE were instrumental in arranging permission for the on-site operation. —

New Field Day Class Announced!

Field Day 2003
Field Day will gain another entry class for the 2003 running of this highly popular operating event June 28-29. “Class F” stations will operate at emergency operations centers–or EOCs. The change renews the emphasis of Field Day’s 1933 origins as an emergency preparedness exercise as opposed to a routine contest–what former ARRL Communications Manager F.E. Handy, W1BDI, called “a test of the emergency availability of portable stations and equipment.” In Handy’s view, Field Day would focus attention “on the subject of ‘preparedness’ for communications emergencies.”

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Field Day 2002!

“Field Day 2002. For some, it was the culmination of weeks of hard work and planning. For others, it was a wonderful occasion to socialize with old friends and to make new acquaintances…”I and other members of the EMA ARRL and ARES staff traveled throughout Eastern Massachusetts June 22-23 to visit with many of the radio clubs involved in this annual event.

I’ve included my thoughts, observations and photos at EMA Field Day 2002. I hope that you will take a moment and visit this page.

On behalf of the EMA ARRL staff, I want to thank everyone who particpated in Field Day. Good job!

73, Phil Temples, K9HI