Plymouth Repeater PL Tone Change

Genesis ARS logoJohn O’ Neill, K1JRO writes on the South Shore Hospital ARC list:

The Genesis Amateur Radio Society‘s repeater, N1ZIZ, has a new PL tone as of April 1, 2018 . The PL has been changed  from 82.5 to 131.8 CTCS.

It is recommended you change both encode/decode on all your radios since the repeater is transmitting both analog FM and digital FM. This will help listeners to avoid hearing the noise digital operation produces on the analog side.

Short story: change your PL associated with 146.685 the N1ZIZ repeater to 131.8 CTCS post haste.

Please note the Eastern MA Hospital Net will continue to use analog communications.

Wellesley Veteran’s Parade Assistance Requested, May 20, 2018

Carl Nelson writes:

As in the past, I am a volunteer for the veterans parade in Wellesley and I am looking for radio communications help with the veterans parade.

The Wellesley Veterans Parade will be held on Sunday, May 20 and we hope you will be able to help.

This year — due to a generous donation by an individual — each radio personnel will be given a small stipend of $50 to cover their parade day expenses such as gas, mileage and any equipment maintenance.

The time commitment is: 11 AM to 3 PM on Sunday, May 20 in Wellesley.

We meet at 11 AM at the Wellesley Community Center at 219 Washington Street.

The duties are to get the 125 units in order.  The units arrive at Noon and they are told prior to arrival to go to a specific street and location.  We need to check off that the unit has arrived and that it is in the proper location.  Then we need to start the parade at 1 PM and key the units in order down the street.

A radio communications plan has been developed.

Are you able to help?

Please let me know either way if you can join us.   Thank you for your service and help to our veterans.

In service,

Carl Nelson
Wellesley Celebrations Committee
Tel: 781-929-9095

Run of the Charles Assistance Requested, April 29, 2018

Brett Smith, AB1RL writes:

The Run of the Charles is one of the most unique public service events for hams each year. It’s a series of canoe and kayak races for all different group sizes and course lengths. The variety draws all kinds of participants, and they all rely on us to help keep the event running safely and smoothly.

This year’s Run of the Charles is on Sunday, April 29. The full 26-mile course runs from Riverdale Park in Dedham down to Artesani Park in Brighton. Assignment check-in times vary by location, from 7:00 AM at far start points to 10:00 AM at portages near the finish. Since the CRWA relies on hams for all kinds of logistics, from on-site check-ins to rules infractions, there’s a position for volunteers at any experience level.

Volunteers for this event must have a dual-band (2m and 70cm) handheld radio and an antenna with improved gain over the stock rubber duck. These are necessary because many volunteer sites are low-lying areas where it can be a challenge to reach repeaters. If you can help, please write back with the following information:

  • Your name and call sign
  • Phone numbers where you can be reached (cell, home, office)
  • Details of the equipment you’re willing to bring. Start sites that accept new registrations could benefit from a small field setup—think 10W+ and an antenna like a magmount or better. If you can bring that, please let me know.
  • Your shirt size
  • Do you have any needs or requests we should consider when making your assignment?

If you have questions about the event, please get in touch by e-mail or phone (859) 466 5915.

Thank you, and 73,

Brett Smith, AB1RL
Public Service Coordinator,


Household Hazardous Material Collection Day, April 14

AARC logoEric Williams, KV1J writes on the Algonquin ARC list:

In two weeks we will be supporting the semi-annual Household Hazardous
Collections Day.  This is a joint Hudson and Marlborough event.
See –

We need about 10 volunteers to help support the event.  Our support is a
joint Radio Club and Emergency Management Team effort.  We will be using the
Emergency Management UHF portables (new for this year).  So  open to all to
use the radios.  For those with a ham license, please bring a UHF walkie on
the N1EM repeater output-simplex frequency if you have one.  This will be as
a backup.

The event is open to residents from 9 AM to 1 PM and we start at 8 AM to
setup and handle the early bird customers.  Good to be there right at 8 AM
since the customers start lining up soon after that.   Same place as before
– the Marlborough Easterly Treatment Plant, 860 Boston Post Rd East.  This
is RT 20, behind the Half Way Café, not far from Home Depot.  When you go
down the access road, go past the scale, staying straight, and park near the
cell tower.

Please let me know if you can help out.  So far I have: Ann, KA1PON; Joe,
KA1GDQ; Rich, W1IBN; Frank, K1 IX, and myself.

Thank you in advance and Happy Holiday.

Eastern MA Hospital Net Invites New NCSes

John O’Neill, K1JRO writes:

The April 7,2018 Eastern MA Hospital Net is approaching. We are seeking groups and organizations to take a turn at Net Control duties. If you are interested in trying your hand as Net Control please let us know. Our goal is to rotate Net Control practice and the experience among as many groups as possible.

Below are the repeaters we have available for our use. Let us know which 3 or 4 repeaters you would like to use and we will make all the notifications. We’ll also send you a copy of our net preamble if you desire which you may modify for your own use.

Attleboro 147.195 tone 127.3 (Sturdy Memorial Hospital)
Belmont 145.430 tone 146.2
Boston 145.230 tone encode 88.5 tone decode 100.0
Bridgewater 147.180 tone 67.0
Danvers 145.47 tone 136.5
Dartmouth 147.000 tone 67.0
Fall River 146.805. tone 67.0
Falmouth 147.375 tone 110.9
Mansfield EMA  446.925 tone 100.0
Mansfield 147.015 tone 67.0
Marshfield 145.390 tone 67.0
Norwood 147.210 tone 100.00
Plymouth 146.685 tone 82.5
Salem 146.88 tone 118.8
Sharon 146.865 tone 103.5
Weymouth 147.345 tone 110.9 (South Shore Hospital)
W. Bridgewater 146.775 dpl 244
Wrentham 147.09 tone 146.2

NWS Forecast Office, WX1BOX Move to Norton Complete

SKYWARN logoRob Macedo, KD1CY writes on SKYWARN_Announce:

The National Weather Service Forecast Office has now moved to its new facility in Norton Massachusetts and has been renamed to the National Weather Service Forecast office Boston/Norton. A Public Information Statement and a few photos of the facility can be seen at the following link:

The Amateur Radio Station at the new weather office will be brought online likely over the next couple of weeks as there are still a few important communications issues that are still in the process of being resolved for NWS operations and they will take priority. Once those are resolved, the Amateur Radio Station will be brought online. On the nearest weekend or weeknight that work is completed, we will hold a communications test of the Amateur Radio equipment to test out the station.

It is very important to note that WX1BOX, the Amateur Radio station at NWS Boston/Norton, will feature all new Amateur Radios and antennas. The Eastern Region and national headquarters of NWS made it a point to get the new facility and our station, all new Amateur Radio equipment, as a thanks and in recognition to ongoing efforts to support the NWS Forecast Office during times of severe weather and understanding the high utilization that it has due to the dedicated volunteers that man the station and the thousands of Amateur Radio and non-Amateur Radio SKYWARN Spotters who report in during severe weather. This could not be done without your continued support.

We have renamed our WX1BOX Twitter to the Boston/Norton name and the Facebook name change to Boston/Norton is pending approval. We will also make appropriate changes to the static pages on the web site.

We will send out another special announcement when the new Amateur Radio station at the NWS Boston/Norton facility is on air. Thanks to all for their continued support of the now NWS Boston/Norton SKYWARN program and thanks to the city of Taunton for their support over the last 25+ years.

Barnstable ARC Members Provided EmComm At Shelters

Barnstable ARC logoBarnstable Amateur Radio Club members were active with the Cape and Islands ARES call-up.  “They were the primary operators at the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Harwich,  and the Barnstable Intermediate School in Barnstable,” reports Barnstable ARC president Mark Petruzzi, WA1EXA. Both of the locations were opened to shelter individuals affected by the nor’easters that struck Cape Cod. The BARC members provided 90 hours of communication services during the storms.

Cape Ann ARA: “Go Kits” Open House, March 20, 2018

CAARA logoGardner H. Winchester II, KA1BTK writes on CAARA list:

“Please join us at [the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association] for Tuesday evening’s Open House, 4:00 – 9:00 PM or any time in between!

This week, we want to try something new.  We’re going to try to run a bit of an info session.  The topic will be Amateur Radio “Go-Bags” for emergency and public service operations.  Several members have assembled Go-Bags and Go-Kits and we would like to see what you have and share your thoughts.”

The Cape Ann ARA club station is located at 6 Stanwood Street, in Gloucester Massachusetts, Tel. # 978-282-7645. They operate the 2-meter W1GLO repeater on 145.130  MHz (– input,  with a 107.2 PL tone) 

MS Walk Ham Volunteers Sought, April 8, 2018

Brett Smith, AB1RL writes:

Throughout the year, the National MS Society organizes walks to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research and patient advocacy. The Boston-area walks have long relied on hams to help ensure everyone’s safety.

This year’s MS Walk Boston is on Sunday, April 8th. It starts and ends at Boston University’s Nickerson Field in Boston, and runs along the Commonwealth Ave and Charles River. Volunteers will check in at 8:00 AM, and stay until the early afternoon. Lunch is available at the finish.

Rick Savage, KB1LYJ, is organizing the hams for this event. To volunteer, please write him with the following information:

  • Your call sign, full name, and name you prefer on the air
  • Contact information: your e-mail address and phone numbers where you can be reached (cell, home, office)
  • Your shirt size
  • The transmit band(s) of your radio(s), and other equipment you could bring
  • Do you have any needs or requests we should consider when making your assignment?

In addition to contacting Rick all volunteers must register online. This is a requirement of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Rick can also answer any questions you have about the event.

Thanks for volunteering, and 73,

Brett Smith, AB1RL
Public Service Coordinator, Boston Amateur Radio Club


SKYWARN Training Session in Braintree, April 24, 2018

SKYWARN logoThe National Weather Service office in Taunton is offering a SKYWARN training session on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Braintree Police Department, 282 Union Street in Braintree. Registration is required.

For additional training sessions, see

Cape Ann ARA Equipment Registers Earthquake

Hank McCarl, W4RIG writes on Cape Ann ARA list:

The seismograph [at the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association] at 6 Stanwood Street [in Gloucester] reported a 2.7 magnitude earthquake with epicenter at East Kingston, NH just north of Amesbury, MA at 9:28 AM on Thursday February 15, 2018.

This quake was also detected by Stan Stone [W4HIX] with his seismograph in Lanesville.  Nice to know that our own MAGLO is operating as part of the USGS Netquake program.

BAA 5K Volunteer Registration Deadline, Feb. 5, 2018

Brett Smith, AB1RL writes: Volunteer registration is open for the BAA 5K! The race is the Saturday before Marathon Monday, April 14. Registration is scheduled to close on February 9, so please sign up soon to make sure we can get you on the team.

The 5K and the Marathon use the same volunteer registration system. If you’re volunteering at the Marathon, please register and request a Marathon assignment. After you’re done, please e-mail BAA volunteer coordinator Mary Miller and CC: me to request to be added to the 5K roster as well. If you can include your BAA volunteer loyalty number or registration confirmation number that helps.

If you just want to volunteer at the 5K, go through the volunteer registration and choose “5K Hams” as your assignment preference when asked. You’ll know you’re done when you get a confirmation number.

The BAA always appreciates support from amateur radio volunteers. We wouldn’t have that great relationship if you didn’t come and put in the work to make these races possible. I hope you’ll join us to help kick off another great year of public service.

If you have questions about either event, please reply by e-mail, or phone (859) 466 5915.

Thank you, and 73.

Baystate Marathon Amateur Assistance Requested, Oct. 22, 2017

The Lowell CERT Communications Team has been asked to support once again the Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon. This year the event is on Sunday, October 22nd. Our operational time period is from approximately 0700 until event completion (estimated 1400). Our assistance has been requested by Lowell Office of Emergency Management and Lowell Fire Department. The communications team will be employing Amateur Radio to provide this communications asset. Amateur Radio will be used for 2 functions:

* Medical operations: the purpose of this net is to provide a communications link for medical requests/status to the incident command post.
* Accountability net: the purpose of this net is to coordinate with a race public information booth the status of runners who are unable to complete the race for any issue to any one is seeking this information.

Race info may be found at

Please contact  Terry-KA8SCP if you are able to assist or would like more information.

Please share this request with your local clubs. This is a pretty laid back event and suitable for first time public event participation.


Terry M. Stader – KA8SCP
MEMA Region 1 RACES/Communications Officer
PART of Westford-WB1GOF, Senior Club Advisor
NESMC EMA Director

Jimmy Fund Walk, BAA Half Marathon Events This Fall

Brett Smith, AB1RL writes:

With August here and summer winding down, I’m starting to turn my attention to our fall public service events. I wanted to make sure you know about the dates and start gauging early interest.

The first is the Jimmy Fund Walk on Sunday, September 24. This is the Jimmy Fund’s annual fundraising walk along the Boston Marathon route. There are positions available to work with a medical team at each rest stop along the route, so there’s a variety of locations and volunteer times available. Tell your friends, too—we’re really eager to build up the team size for this year, especially along the earlier parts of the route. If you’re interested, all you have to do is let me know by e-mail, and I’ll get you on the roster.

The second is the BAA Half Marathon on Sunday, October 8. As usual for BAA events, we’ll work with medical teams at different points along the route to provide them with any necessary communication, including EMS dispatch requests if necessary. Volunteer registration for this event will be through the BAA’s web site, and it will open up on Tuesday, August 15. You’ll get an announcement from them, and me, when that happens.

Your work at these events really makes a difference. At both of these events in recent years, we’ve handled emergency dispatch calls to get participants, and sometimes even spectators, prompt treatment. Those calls wouldn’t be as quick or as effective without the communications expertise you bring by showing up. Please join us to make a couple more events that much more successful.

If you have questions about either event, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be on vacation next week, so I might be slow to respond, but I will get back to you.

Thanks for all that you do, and 73,

If interested, please contact:
Brett Smith, AB1RL
Public Service Coordinator, Boston Amateur Radio Club

“Finish At The Fifty” Amateur Radio Help, July 3

The Finish at the Fifty is a unique event on the public service calendar. It’s a combined 5K and 10K on the evening of July 3. The finish line for both races is the 50-yard line of Gillette Stadium, and there’s a free fireworks show after. It’s got a lot of energy, and particular challenges for runner safety (they go up and down the ramps of the stadium!). Given the size of the course, the medical team relies on amateur radio volunteers for communications support and to keep extra eyes on runners.

Recruiting for this event is always a challenge because of the date. A lot of people have travel plans, which I understand. Because of that, please join our team if you’re able. Chris Troyanos is the medical coordinator for this event. He would always like to have more coverage, and he would love to have our support especially.

To sign up, just write me back with your call sign, cell phone number, and t-shirt size. Plan to be there from around 4:30 to 8:30 PM. All you need is a dual band handheld and any accessories that will keep you comfortable. Further instructions will follow.

If you have questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by e-mail or phone (859) 466 5915.

Thank you, and 73,

Brett Smith, AB1RL
Public Service Coordinator, Boston Amateur Radio Club

Two SKYWARN Training Sessions in Lowell & Peabody

SKYWARN logo The National Weather Service in Taunton is offering two SKYWARN training sessions in the coming weeks in our area:

Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 – 630-900 PM:
University Crossing – Room 158
220 Pawtucket Street
Lowell, MA
Taught by: NWS Taunton Forecaster
Registration: Required – Pre-register via email to Rob Macedo-KD1CY at


Thursday June 8th, 2017 – 700-930 PM:
Portuguese American War Veterans Building
103 Tremont Street
Peabody, MA
Taught by: Amateur Radio Coordinator
Registration: None Required