Fox “On the Loose” in North Chelmsford, July 8, 2018

John Salmi, KB1MGI writes on the Fox Hunters list on July 8 at 10:20 AM ET: Andy, KB1OIQ has placed his 80-meter fox out in North Chelmsford at crooked Spring Conservation land.     Andy, KB1OIQ adds: Frequency:  3579.5 khz (give or take) It is on a 12 hour cycle.  I deployed it around 8:45 AM.  It should transmit for 12 hours, then stay silent for 12 hours, and repeat until the battery discharges. I plan to retrieve it on Monday after work.  I hope it is still transmitting at that time. I’m still fiddling with the circuitry to extend the battery …

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Wilmington Fox Deployed, July 7, 2018

Nickolas Mollo, KC1DKY writes on the Fox Hunters list on July 7, 2018 at 3:54 PM: Attention Fox Hunters, The KC1DKY fox is on the loose on Wilmington conservation land. Frequency is 146.565 MHz with a DTMF of 2 for a second or so. Sign the note pad if you find it.  If you have trouble send me an e-mail. 73, Nick, KC1DKY ****SPOILER ALERT**** The fox is located off of (respell backwards) daor drahcnalb It is not on the trail leading from the cul-de-sac but further back in the area as there are too many houses right there. You’ll …

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Fox Activated, Wilmington, June 27, 2018

Nick Mollo, KC1DKY writes on the Fox Hunters mailing list at 6:54 PM ET on June 27, 2018: Attention Fox Hunters! The KC1DKY FOX is out and about in Wilmington on town conservation land. Set your transceiver to 146.565 MHz, press your PTT, give a DTMF of 2, and if you are close enough, you’ll hear it beep back at you. Don’t forget to ID with your call sign when you attempt to activate it. If you are new to fox hunting, there are several websites with good info, that include: I use my Baofeng with no antenna …

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Fox Box Activated in Chelmsford, June 7, 2018

John Salmi, KB1MGI writes on the Foxhunting list on June 7 at 5:46 PM ET:—Public-Trail-Map I placed the 2-meter 146.565 DTMF tone 2 to activate the Fox box in the Russell Mill Conservation land in South East Chelmsford.   See link above for a map.   Easy find park at the end of Noble Dr trail access.   Good Luck.

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High Altitude Balloon Launch, Nashua, New Hampshire, June 3, 2018

Anita Kemmerer, AB1QB writes on the PART of Westford mailing list:   The Nashua Area Radio Society will be launching a high altitude balloon tomorrow morning, June 3rd, from Hollis Brookline High School.  We are working with students from World Academy in Nashua, NH and Hudson Memorial School in Hudson, NH.     Here is some information on how to track our flight:

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Fox Placed in South Chelmsford, May 26, 2018

John Salmi, KB1MGI writes on the Foxhunting mailing list: I have placed a 2 Meter 146.565 DTMF Tone 2 to activate in South Chelmsford at the Red Wing Farm Conservation [Area] at 17 Maple Road. No bushwacking needed to find. Only one way in to get to the Fox Box. It is clear to walk into box location.  

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New Fox Hunting Listserv Now On-line

A new fox hunting listserv is now on-line, according to PART of Westford‘s Dave Welsh, WI1R. “This list is explicitly not just for PART members.  Anybody who is interesting in fox hunting, especially in the general area of Westford and the surrounding towns, is more than welcome to participate,” reports PART of Westford president Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ. “Please forward this email to any friends who may also be interested in fox hunting.” The goal of fox hunting–otherwise known as Amateur Radio Direction Finding–is to find a hidden radio transmitter.  Typically, a transmitter would be hidden in conservation land well out of …

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W1HFN Fox Box QRV in Chelmsford, May 9, 2018

Barry Fox, W1HFN writes on the PART of Westford mailing list: The W1HFN fox box will be deployed at the Lime Quarry on Rte 110 [in Chelmsford] today [Wednesday, May 9, 2018].  Frequency is 146.565.  There is a 20 second voice message / ID every 3 minutes and a log to sign.  The unit is quite small–about the size of a deck of cards. I will leave it out for a week, at that duty cycle batteries should last. Good luck to all.

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Fox Hunting Training, Westford, April 21, 2018

Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ writes on PART-L: Mark your calendars for Saturday morning, April 21st, at 11 AM.  We will  hold a fox hunting training exercise at the Westford Town Common, which is across the street from the JV Fletcher Library, 50 Main Street.  The rain date will be Sunday morning, April 22nd, at 11 AM. What is a “fox hunting”?  Otherwise known as “Amateur Radio Direction Finding”, fox hunting involves locating a hidden transmitter.  We’ll hide the transmitter, and you’ll find it.  No license is needed to find the transmitter, so ANYBODY can do it! John (KB1MGI), Andy (KB1OIQ), and anybody else who wants to help …

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80-Meter Amateur Radio Direction Finding Activity in Westford

Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ writes on the PART of Westford list: I have built an 80m fox transmitter and plan to deploy it once spring arrives.  I also have two ARDF receivers for 80m. Very preliminary testing shows that the fox can be heard on 3.5805 MHz at least 3/4 mile away on slightly hilly terrain. This fox transmitter consists of an Arduino, which I programmed for this project, and a Cricket 80a (an 80m QRP CW transceiver).  It runs off of a 9.6V NiMH rechargeable battery. More detailed information and the Arduino source code, can be found at You have time to get your 80m fox receivers before …

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MMRA, QRA To Host Joint Fox Hunt, July 18, 2009

Minuteman RA logoQRAKevin Paetzold, K1KWP writes:

The Minuteman Repeater Association and the Quannapowitt Radio Association have scheduled a joint hidden transmitter fox hunt on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.

– The fox will be a stationary ham radio operator in a  vehicle transmitting on 146.19 MHz PL 146.2.  This is the input frequency of the MMRA Weston repeater (146.79 PL  146.2).

– The fox will be located within 10 miles of the Weston  repeater which is at North 42deg 22.8′ West 071deg 19.2.

– The signal from the fox must be strong enough so the fox  can be understood on the repeater output.

– The fox will transmit for at least 30 seconds of every  five minutes during the fox hunt.  The fox hunt begins at
10:00AM and ends when either there are no more hunters who  have not found the fox or noon.

– The fox must continue to transmit on the hunt frequency  throughout the hunt.  However, hunters are prohibited from
transmitting once they have located the fox.

– The fox must not be on private property.  In order to be  found the fox must not require driving on private roads.

– Cooperation among the hunters is encouraged.  Sharing  initial direction bearings and signal strength
observations is necessary to allow some localization (for  example the town where the fox in located) so that finding
the fox within the time limits is more likely.

– Home stations are also encouraged to participate and share  their readings.  As the hunt progresses, information
sharing is less valuable.

– Information is generally shared via the 2M repeater used  for the hunt (in this case 146.79 MHz PL 146.2).  Many
hunters use 70-cm to talk and to hear what others are  saying as their 2-Meter radio may be dedicated to RDF on
the repeater input frequency.

The MMRA 70cm HUB1 repeater in Marlboro will be linked to  during the hunt.  Hunters therefore may transmit on either
2-meters or on 70-cm to join in the conversation.  HUB1  repeater output is 449.925 PL 88.5 and the input is
444.925 PL 88.5.

As the hunters approach the fox conversations often shifts  to 446.0 MHz FM simplex.

– We plan to have lunch at a restaurant near the fox  location after the hunt.  Lunch location will be a
consensus decision of those hunters who have found the  fox.

– Ham radio operators who do not have equipment or who would  like to gain experience from riding with an experienced
fox hunter are invited to ride along.

It is expected that each hunter will start from separate  locations (as determined by the hunter).

Contact (Kevin) and (Bob) to  coordinate ride alongs if needed.  Those hunters who have  room and are willing to accommodate riders are also asked  contact K1KWP and N1BE.

This information is also posted at:

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QRA Fox Hunt 3/27/08

fox photoTom Charbonneau, NZ1X writes on the QRA mailing list:

The next [Quannapowitt Radio Assocation] fox hunt will be held Thursday night, March 27, starting at 7:00 PM from the Senior Center in Reading. Alex Svirsky, N1PRW, will be in place as the fox at that time using his new foxbox transmitting on 146.565 MHz. We will talk with the fox as necessary on the 145.290 repeater in North Andover. This should be more enjoyable than previous hunts because the foxbox will automatically transmit periodically (and fairly frequently), and we won’t have to keep making requests for the fox to start yapping so we can get a fix on him.

Hope to see you there,
Tom, NZ1X

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QRA Fox Hunt, Oct. 10, 2007

fox photoTom Charbonneau, NZ1X writes on the QRA mailing list:

[The Quannapowitt Radio Assocation] will have a 2 meter fox hunt on next Wednesday, October 10, starting from the Senior Center in Reading at 7:00 PM. It usually takes about 15 minutes to line people up in cars, so that we should get rolling by 7:15. That means that if you arrive later than that time the parking lot may be empty, so please try to get there by 7:00.

(If you don’t have a radio and/or directional antenna, you’ll want to go in a car with someone who does.)

We will use the frequency of 146.500 as usual (simplex of course). A compass and a map of the area will help. My cell phone number is 781-258-0625 if you need to call me. Also, I’ll be monitoring the 145.290 repeater prior to the fox hunt.

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QRA To Host Fox Hunt July 26

Quannapowitt Radio Association logoTom Charbonneau, NZ1X writes on the QRA list:

[The Quannapowitt Radio Assocation] will have another 2-meter fox hunt on Thursday, July 26 at 7:00 PM, starting from the Senior Center in downtown Reading (where QRA has its monthly meetings). Tom Cefalo, W1EX, has volunteered to be the fox for this hunt. We will be using a frequency of 146.500 MHz. Hope to see you all there.

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QRA Fox Hunt, June 21, 2007

Quannapowitt Radio Association logoThe Quannapowitt Radio Assocation will hold a 2-meter fox hunt on June 21, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. Participants are invited to meet in the parking lot of the Reading Senior Center, 49 Pleasant Street, Reading, MA.

“Even if you do not have a directional antenna, you can still participate and have a good time,” writes QRA’s Tom Charbonneau, NZ1X. “Some of us have built a popular 3-element tape measure beam that stows easily in the trunk or back seat and can take a beating. It costs less than $10 to build and works well. I urge you all to build one.”

According to Charbonneau, QRA plans to hold fox hunts on a regular basis.

[See also: QRA Members Go On A Fox Hunt–And A Fabulous Feast!]

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QRA Members Go On A Fox Hunt–And A Fabulous Feast!

Quannapowitt Radio Association logoMembers and guests of the Quannapowitt Radio Assocation participated in a radio direction-finding “fox hunt” and also, were treated to an exceptional meal at the home of Tom Charbonneau, NZ1X on May 29, 2007.

According to QRA’s Bob Reiser, AA1M, he and Ron Draper, WA1QZK hid on a hill near the Stoneham-Reading town line near Route 28. “There was a small problem with the leads on the power supply in the repeater Ron set up, but this was bypassed and the hunt began.”

According to Reiser, the “foxes” were first found by WA1RHN, then a bit later by N1PRW and KB1OZS. All participants finally surrounded the target by 9:45 p.m.

“This was the first fox hunt held by the members of QRA in quite a while,” reports AA1M. “Everyone had a great time and Tom, NZ1X mentioned that maybe next time we will do it on a weekend day so all the participants can get home at a reasonable time.”

–Thanks, QRA News, June 2007

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